SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The Sacramento-filmed and Sacramento-based movie “Lady Bird” is now a Golden Globe winner, and now Sacramento is working to attract even more Hollywood films our way.

Writer-director Greta Gerwig accepted the award for best movie at the Golden Globes Sunday night, even giving a shout out to her hometown.

“I want to say thank you to my mom and dad and the people of Sacramento who gave me roots and wings,” Gerwig said.

The critically-acclaimed film has given Sacramento’s tree-lined streets its own award-winning story. One scene in the movie was shot in front of Ron Knierim’s 34th street home.

“I was surprised how many people were involved for that little scene,” Knierim said.

Knierim watched the “Lady Bird” crew work from his living room window and says neighbors were all notified well in advance.

“They came around two or three times before-hand and then the day they were shooting,” Knierim said. So they were real concerned about keeping square with the public on this.”

City documents show the film permit “Lady Bird” producers applied for and received from Sacramento’s Film Commission.

The October shoots spanned a week and included nine locations.

“We were intrigued and pleased that someone was producing a film about Sacramento, in Sacramento,” Visit Sacramento CEO Mike Testa said.

Sacramento’s film commission worked with police on road closures to try and make the process for filmmakers easy.
Testa says the “Lady Bird” production had a million-dollar-plus economic impact.

His team is working to get more productions here.

“It’s worth us going to trade shows, it’s worth paying the fees to be in front of producers and directors to show them and to tell them what Sacramento can do for their film,” Testa said.

Testa says the film commission just bought a “Hollywood Reporter” trade magazine advertisement congratulating “Lady Bird’s” success.

“Go see the film,” Knierim said.

Hollywood take notice. Sacramento, on the silver screen, can be a hit.