ROCKLIN (CBS13) — Police say thieves are targeting gyms and parking lots in Rocklin, the latest of which happened at Cal Fit on Sunset Boulevard.

Rocklin Police say this is the new hot spot for car break-ins because thieves have time while people spend an hour or so working out. Parking lots become gold mines for thieves.

A mid-day smash-and-grab came as the victim was inside the gym. Thieves made off with her purse and wallet.

window broken Thieves Targeting Gym Parking Lots In Rocklin

“A lot of times, the thieves know people going in will go anywhere between 45 minutes to two hours, so the time frame is easy for them,” said Lt. Scott Horrillo.

Over the past six months, he says the number of car break-ins shot up at different gym parking lots across Rocklin.

Cody Parker says his aunt had her catalytic converter stolen in the Cal Fit parking lot. Since that happened, he’s been more vigilant.

“If I’m driving here, I’ll park as close as I can to the front,” he said. “When I come to the gym, I’ll typically bring a bag with my lock and put it in the locker.”

A Cal Fit representative responded to our request for comment by saying, “California Family Fitness’ first priority is the safety and convenience of our members. One step we take to create a safe environment is 24/7 surveillance of all club parking lots through the use of security cameras.”

Authorities advise not leaving your valuables in parking lots while you work out.

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