OAKLAND (CBS) — Drivers crossing the Bay Bridge from Oakland to San Francisco were seeing an in-your-face political statement Monday morning.

It’s a billboard that calls for the impeachment of President Trump, KPIX/KCBS reports.

The digital ad bears a giant photo of a brooding Donald Trump with the word ‘Impeach’ in huge yellow letters. It also has a URL, demandimpeachmentnow.com.

impeach trump ‘Impeach Trump’ Billboard Goes Up Near Bay Bridge

The billboard is the work of a group called Courage Campaign whose president says it’s time to get the country behind the removal of Mr. Trump. They want to pressure the Republican-controlled Congress which, so far, has shown no inclination to impeach President Trump.

“We are a grassroots organization. If we are not calling for impeachment, given what has happened, who is?” says the organization’s president and executive director, Eddie Kurtz.

He points out that more than a million people cross the bridge every day, so it’s an incredibly strategic place to have a billboard.

Courage Campaign is a progressive, grassroots organization, probably best known for its fight for gay marriage during the Proposition 8 battle. Its website says it focuses on economic justice, human rights and corporate and political accountability.

“There’s this pattern that seems to repeat — Trump does something absolutely unacceptable, unethical, just the thing you could never imagine even the worst of our previous presidents doing,” says Kurtz. “There’s this wave of outrage – it happened after Charlottesville, it happened even before he was elected when he admitted to sexually assaulting women — and then it settles down and his base is still with him.”

The billboard will stay up through Sunday, September 27, and perhaps longer if there are enough donations from the public.