WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The community is rallying behind Mai Sheng, the  West Sacramento mother whose three children were murdered on September 13th.

A fundraiser was held on Sunday at Lenise’s Cafe, to help support Sheng, nearly two weeks after the tragedy.

“It’s been an emotional rollercoaster, just up and down.”  A tragedy Michele Pagaduan says her close friend, Mai Sheng, never thought would happen to her family.  “She’s been trying to stay strong,” said Pagaduan of her friend.

Pagaduan is speaking on behalf of Sheng and her family.  She says Sheng is no longer working; she’s taking this time to mourn in privacy.  “She is very, very thankful for the support and all the love from the community,” Pagaduan said.

The night of September 13th, never to be forgotten by the community.  West Sacramento police are accusing 32-year old Robert Hodges of slaying his three children — two of whom he killed using a belt.  “Just seeing them gone, I still can’t believe it,” Pagaduan added.

Pagaduan says she was close with Sheng, and her son was best friends with Kelvin and Julie Hodges.  She says she needed to do something to help Sheng, so she and the owner of Lenise’s Cafe held a fundraiser.  “I know there’s nothing that will make the situation any better but maybe alleviate some of the stress,” said Lenise Mowry, who donated a portion of her profits Sunday to the Sheng family.

Strangers coming together to show solidarity for a mother whose world is now torn.

“There is love here and people do care,” said one woman who participated in the fundraiser.

“Kick n Mule” in West Sacramento is also raising money this week for the Sheng family.

Hodges is due back in Yolo County court on October 2nd for a pre-trial conference.