SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Hundreds of people rallied in Sacramento Tuesday night in protest of President Trump’s decision To end the DACA program.

In a huge show of unity and strength, people marched through downtown from city hall to a federal building on the Capitol Mall.

“It’s a hit to the community, cause it’s a lot of our sisters, and brothers, our cousins,” said Yesica Lopez.

Dozens took part in two separate rallies following President Trump’s repeal of an Obama-era program that shielded hundreds of thousands of dreamers from deportation.

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“I think it’s heartless, it lacked thought, because if you look at the contributions of the immigrant community, it’s gonna hurt us,”‘said demonstrator Elvia Lopez.

For the last five years, people brought to the U.S. illegally as children have been able to work and study without the fear of deportation; but for one dreamer, a political science graduate of UCLA, all that’s left is uncertainty.

“You don’t know what’s next, one day you’re protected from deportation, the next day you may not be protected,” said Mariana Magana-Gamero.

DACA recipient Sandra Paulino was brought to the states at the age of 12 for a chance at a better education, now she fears being separated from her 7-year-old daughter.

“I’m scared because we don’t know what will happen. Yes, we’re gonna fight, but that’s all we can do really,” she said.

With a real chance of being ordered back to a country of origin that many don’t remember or know, supporters are now looking to Congress to act.

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“I hope that Congress will get their act together, that they will pass legislation that will give a permanent solution and the 800,000 dreamers will be able to stay here,” said Marysol Velasquez.

Meanwhile, the community is standing up and giving a voice to the voiceless, who are often too scared to speak up.

“We are so much more than DACA…than a work permit…than a drivers license, we have so much to offer as an individual. And knowing that I have a community, it gives me strength to keep fighting,” said so-called dreamer Rosa Varrientos who helped lead one of the rallies.

The rally ended on the Capitol Mall with people lighting candles and sharing personal stories.

Hope now is in the hands of Congress. According to Federal officials, DACA will be phased out over six-months with a deadline of next March for Congress to pass a law addressing the issue.

Overall, the rallies were peaceful. Sacramento Police Sgt. Bryce Heinlein said no arrests were made.

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