NEW JERSEY (CBS) – A couple had two real-life wedding crashers come to their wedding, and the bride and groom say they aren’t even mad.

When Karen and Michael Tufo saw two strangers at their wedding reception, they knew right away they didn’t belong. But they were distracted by occasion and didn’t want to make a scene when they confronted the couple, so they let them stay.

But the unknown guests became life of the party, laughing, dancing, mingling with everyone else — they became the center of attention. They made such a splash that everyone remembered them, but still had no idea who they were, according to CBS New York.

A year later, when the couple went through photos, that they realized the two guests were wedding crashers. Their suspicions were confirmed when they received a card in the mail with a $1 bill and a note congratulating the couple, apologizing for crashing the wedding, and wishing them luck.

Karen and Michael were amused by the note and say they’re searching for the two strangers. They’d also like to shake their hands and pick their brains on how they managed to sneak in.

Thumbnail Photo: Facebook / Fox 26 Houston


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