SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – State Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones is threatening to sue the Trump Administration over its handling of the Affordable Care Act.

This comes as officials with Covered California reveal next year’s rates. In fact, the organization unveiled two different rates.

The first would result in a 12 and a half percent increase. The second would double that increase—to 25 percent.

Jones says the second rate was necessary in case President Trump continues his efforts to dismantle Obama Care. Part of that effort is to withhold money earmarked for insurance companies to help offset the cost of treating low-income California residents.

Jones said on Tuesday, “If President Trump continues to refuse to fund the cost sharing portion of the affordable care act–Californians can thank President Trump for an almost doubling of rates.”

Jones says he will sue the Trump Administration on behalf of the California Consumer, alleging Trump was not abiding by the Constitution.

“The Constitution is very clear the President is charged to faithfully execute the laws of the United States,” Jones continued, “The Affordable Care Act is still law in the U.S. and cost sharing reduction payments are a part of that law.”

Jones says if those payments aren’t made available by the Trump Administration by the end of this month, the higher rates will be offered at the beginning of 2018.

He says he will also file that threatened lawsuit.