Daily List: 3 Words That Most Women Universally Hate
Are there words that just sort of make you cringe when you hear them? Experts at Oberlin College in Ohio asked 500 women what they considered the most unpleasant words in the English language. On the Daily List this morning, three of the top contenders!
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Alexander Rossi
The Nevada City native was trying to become the first driver since 2002, and first American since 1971, to win consecutive Indianapolis 500 races.

Real-Life Woman Superhero
Local artist Pastel Corbett is being honored in Dallas at a red-carpet screening of  Warner Bros. Pictures’ “Wonder Woman” for helping the area homeless and giving to those in need of uplifting moments.

Check This Out:  Ultra Facial Cream
Revered for its 24-hour hydration benefits and beloved by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Cameron Diaz, and Reese Witherspoon, Ultra Facial Cream is Kiehl’s Since 1851’s best-selling product worldwide.

Soccer Pool Complex
Soccer Pool is a combination of soccer and billiards.

Open Today
7323 Home Leisure Plaza. Ste #15
Call (916) 272-6402

Gumby Stop-Motion Filming
That’s right — “Gumby” is back!!  The studio that first brought the character to life with stop-motion is filming a new series of “Gumby and Pokey” shorts!!  What’s cool is that Clokey Studio is using a local guy and a local studio to put the films together!!

Learn, Love and Grow Studio
Learn Love & Grow is a family-owned business and is all about playing an active role in the lives of families in over 130 cities across the world ( Japan & USA) via public schools, community parks & recreation centers.

Office Phone: 916-872-1528
Text: 310-403-8846
Facebook: Learn Love & Grow Studio

Boating Safety
Power Squadrons focuses on training students in the classroom and out in the water.

Marianne’s Handy Hacks
Marianne shows us some closet hacks to get it organized!
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Turnt’ Up Tacos
One of the local chefs taking part in this Saturday’s Grand Tasting event (formerly known as the Grape Escape) shows off his more creative ideas for taco fillings!

The Grand Tasting
Saturday, June 3
Tickets are available at http://www.farmtofork.com/grandtasting or at Save Mart supermarkets.


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