FOLSOM (CBS13) – Debbie Grubb says she’s living a nightmare.

“This is what so frightening…whoever did this had to have been watching me,” said Debbie.

She was married for 42 years and in a fog of grief when the unthinkable happened.

“It’s just traumatized me and terrified me. It’s already the saddest part of my life,” she said.

A few days later, someone broke into her home and stole the couple’s wedding rings.

“Those rings hold every memory that we had together,” she said.

Her ring was a 25th wedding anniversary gift. Her husband, Vincent, gave her the original in 1974.

So Vincent took a diamond that had been in the family and had a new ring made just for her.

After that, Debbie only wore her ring on special occasions. The last time was to her husband’s funeral.

But 12 days after his memorial service, her house was broken into moments after she left. Only ten minutes after she left, the thieves had come and gone. They broke into the back bedroom through a glass sliding door.

Now Debbie just wants the rings back. She says they have more value to her than they could possibly have to anyone else.