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Marianne has four foods you must try in San Francisco!
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Rocky the Leprechaun
Rocky The Leprechaun is the unofficial Denver Broncos Mascot and he’s in SF standing by with Cody and Mel!

Rugby Player to Australia
A Sacramentan is preparing to take part in a worldwide talent search in Australia for a very different type of football!

FB: Sacramento Australian Football Club

Macy’s Go Red
Macy’s go red for women shares style as well as heart-healthy recipes!

Cody and Mel are out to see who can get the most tweets with extreme Super Bowl football fans!

Spicy Wing Challenge
Panthers Fans Vs. Broncos Fans are facing off in a spicy wing challenge!

Super Bowl Party Decoration
Nha is with party concierge to talk decoration options for your Super Bowl party!

The Party Concierge
601 North 10th Street, Sacramento
(916) 440-8080

Manly Minute: Greatest Super Bowl Champs
Ken has 5 of the greatest super bowl champs in the Manly Minute!
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