Summer is here… and that means one thing… bathing suit shopping (DUN DUN DUUUUUN)! Not only are we stressed about how white our legs are going to look and the awful artificial lighting in the dressing room, but we have to find a swimsuit that does everything we need… support, coverage and above all it has to be something that makes us feel confident no matter how we’re feeling at the moment. As we all know… this is a very difficult task.

When it comes to shopping we generally gravitate toward colors and materials we like… or we simply go with what we’ve always worn, but this is not the best way to shop for bathing suits. For instance, just because fringe is a new trend doesn’t mean that it will look good on everyone. You have to understand your body shape and work with what you’ve got.

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Take a look below and see which category you fall under… then follow a few simple guidelines and bathing suit shopping may not be so daunting after all.

PEAR – these are generally women with a smaller top (shoulders, bust, waist) and a fuller bottom (hips, butt, thighs).

BS_1 copy

Advice: Emphasize top half and play down your bottom.

Wear: Solid colored bottoms with printed or embellished tops

Avoid: Hipsters/boyshorts or bottoms that are busy

APPLE – these are generally women who are bigger up top (shoulders, bust) and smaller on the bottom (hips + butt).

BS_2 copy

Advice: Emphasize bottom half and play down your top half.

Wear: Dark solid colored top with printed bottoms (hipster or boyshorts, drawstring)

Avoid: Flowy printed tops, anything with extra fabric on top

ATHLETIC – these are generally women with very straight figures, non-curvy with narrow hips and smaller bust.

BS_3 copy

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Advice: Emphasize waist, bust and create illusion of curves.

Wear: Triangle + halter tops, busy prints, ruffles, fringes or beading, twisted bandeau tops with a sweetheart neckline… also this shape look greats in monokinis with cut-outs

Avoid: Straight across bandeau style tops

CURVY/FULL FIGURED – generally these women have fuller hips with a larger bust.

BS_4 copy

Advice: Find styles that fit and support your top and bottom. Draw attention toward your best features and away from problem areas.

Wear: Halter or constructed tops, skirted bottoms or one-piece with Lycra spandex

Avoid: Horizontal striped patterns, hipster or boyshorts, thin-stringed bottoms

HOURGLASS – generally these women are somewhat bigger up top as well as on the bottom, but they have smaller waists. These women are usually proportionate.

BS_5 copy

Advice: Find styles that support your top and bottom.

Wear: Halter or constructed tops, tie-side bottoms with thick-ties, matching top and bottom (no mis-matching here)

Avoid: Hipster/boyshorts, thin-stringed bottoms

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Tara Wikoff | CW44 Tampa Bay