Jamie Jackson has an unusual claim to fame: she has caught the bouquet at almost half of the estimated 100 weddings she has attended. Yet contrary to the popular suspicion that the person who snags the bouquet will be the next to get married, Jackson is amassing her prizes while remaining single, and she has actually turned collecting the bouquets into a hobby.

How does she do it? It’s all in achieving just the right position to grab the flying flowers. She explained to KSL:

“It is something that you have to plan for and you have to be very strategic where you place yourself. My strategy is to be right up in the front because a lot of times the brides don’t know how far they are going to throw it. A lot of times it will hit a ceiling, it’ll hit a chandelier… I’ve had many, many catches where I’ve had to jump for it. And I’ve hit little kids by accident.”

Her success may actually lead her to go down in history: she has applied to the Guinness World Records to claim the official record of most bouquets caught. To be in the running, she meticulously documented her achievements through photos and testimonials from the brides themselves.

Jackson denies that she is remaining unmarried to continue her bouquet-collecting hobby. Yet before she is the one to toss the bouquet, she would like to bring the number of bouquets in her display case to a nice, even 50.

– Lauren Chiong, Good Day Sacramento


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