Daily List: Daily List: 3 Places Where You Can Shop With Your Dog

People who have dogs often have a dilemma – they don’t want to leave them at home, but they don’t want to leave them in the car when they have errands to run. Well, problem solved!

On the daily list, a couple of places where you can shop with your dog!


Local spots:



Dancing Dads

We don’t want dear old dad to make these princesses look bad. So let’s give them some dance lessons!

3rd annual My Princess & Me Dance

Feb 7, 2015

5:45 pm until 8:00 pm

COST     $35 per couple

NP3 Gym

3700 Del Paso Rd

Sacramento, CA




Straight From CES

Luci EMRG by MPOWERD: http://www.mpowerd.com.

PhoneSoap Cellphone Charger and Sanitizer: http://www.phonesoap.com

PhoneSoap GermGuard iPhone Case: http://www.phonesoap.com

NEET Cable Keeper: http://www.neetproducts.com

UWaterX3 Bluetooth Wireless Action Speaker: http://www.fitnesstechusa.com


Fundraiser for families of Matthew Azar, Kendra Langham, and Mathew Beardwitt



Chick-fil-A restaurant

4040 Douglas Boulevard (corner of Sierra College Blvd)

Granite Bay



High Speed Jerry

A local artist is the talk of the town after creating a sculpture poking fun at California’s high-speed rail!



Dishin’ With Tina

Anatolian Table – 2 locations


6815 Lonetree Blvd. Suite 105




2319 K Street



Like Water Festival

Like Water is a movement and wellness event that’s free to the public and exposes people to parkour, free running, tumbling, martial arts, aerial arts, acting, music, and more.

Free Flow Academy of Hybrid Arts

1106 Tinker Rd – Unit 150







Manly Minute – 5 Signs You’re Ready

So you’ve been dating your bae for a few years now. You live together – or you’ve talked about moving in sometime soon. You’ve both met each other’s families, and though not necessarily identical, you mostly share the same long-term goals for your lives. Maybe she hasn’t actually sent you the link to her “My Wedding One Day” Pinterest board, but… you’ve seen it pulled up on her computer a few times.

Experts agree that there is no hard-truth, fail-proof time when you should get married or pop the question to the woman you love, but there are a few signs that you’re probably ready. And that she (definitely) is, too.

Here’s how to know if 2015 should be the year that you finally put a ring on it.




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