The Vampire Diaries cast has it all. They are all good-looking (understatement), talented actors and great singers? Yes, that’s right, these stars really can do everything.

The beautiful Kat Graham, aka Bonnie Bennet, is also a singing sensation. Graham began her life as an actress at the age of six. She starred in an assortment of commercials for brands like Barbie and Pop-Tart. Disney picked her up right away, and she soon became the face of Movie Surfers and appeared on Lizzie McGuire.

Her love of music took over at the age of 15 when she was chosen to dance along side Bow-Wow at the BET Awards. She continued to work as a background dancer for amazing artists like Missy Elliot and Pharell.

After a few movies and a lot more dancing, Graham found her place on The CW, but her love of music was never put to rest. She has continued singing and dancing. Her website features five sexy music videos that début her vocals and super toned body. Watch Graham below, looking Ciara-esque in short shorts and cargo boots in “Love Will Never Do.” I love her fierce spikes in “I Want It All” (girl stop, you have it all!).

Who knew beneath that black witch hat laid a singing and dancing machine? Check Graham out on The Vampire Diaries Thursdays at 8pm on the CW31!