(credit: Good Day Sacramento)

Don Geronimo broke down the top five rules of baseball etiquette on Good Day today…

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  1. Park Modesto says:

    Donny G. talking about baseball, really, really, are you kidding me, are you kidding me, saw Donny throw a baseball in 31 studio in the hallway, ball bounced 3 or 4 times before ball reached the mitt. Donny maybe talk about pick up sticks, then work you way up to Baseball…

  2. Say Hey Kid IV says:

    Actually Donny’s toss not that bad….he picked up the 7 10….With a arm like that have to ask myself….did Donny G. also play Football in High School??!!

    1. Anonymous says:

      I think that was mike o’meara that played football in highschool

      I think the don man tried out and failed

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