Tina Macuha anchors Good Day Sacramento on Saturday and Sunday. She rides around in Rover during the week as half of the “Marge and Hal” team. She’s one of the original Good Day cast members.

13 Questions With… Tina Macuha

  1. Where did you grow up? Sacramento, CA
  2. What is your ideal scenario for a day off? Being with my family! Whether it’s being at home, doing errands or going to the movies, I just love being with them!
  3. How did you decide to be a reporter/anchor? I always wanted to be a DJ on the radio so that came first. I never thought of the TV thing because I didn’t know how to put makeup on and I wore shorts, t-shirts and flip flops to work. I created a lot of relationships through radio then our old TV boss asked if I wanted to be on this “show”. I said yes.
  4. What was your favorite toy growing up? My bike. Sunup to sundown, I was always on my bike.
  5. Where is your favorite local place to eat? I can’t answer this. I do most of the food segments & Dishin’ with Tina so it wouldn’t be fair to say. Hint: Sometimes I post my food on FB & Instagram.
  6. Do you have any pets? Beans – female chihuahua, Ian – cockatiel, Swim Shady – goldfish
  7. What is your favorite social media platform? Instagram & FB – tinamacuha & Tina Macuha
  8. If you didn’t work in TV news what would you be doing? Own my own radio station & hire all women to be on air or Media Relations
  9. What is the most memorable story you’ve covered at CBS13/CW31? When I shared my breast cancer journey with our viewers. Our viewers are the best. They helped me get through that time and I felt their positive energy and love. I’ll always be grateful.
  10. What is your favorite season? Fall (weather and birthday month)
  11. Who is the fellow reporter/anchor you text the most? Davey (aka Hal-photojournalist) and Courtney. Julissa doesn’t text me back.
  12. When do you wake up on a workday? Weekend? 3 am, 5 am
  13. Why do you love Northern California? I was born and raised here and quite spoiled to be surrounded with beautiful scenery & weather. I love the food that’s produced by local farmers and all the restaurants!


  1. Where was your best vacation ever? Hawaii – all the times I had the opportunity to go with my family.
  2. Favorite sport to watch in person? On TV? Football… RAIDERSSSSSSSSS
  3. Favorite TV show? Movie? TV: Anything British i.e. Great British Bake Off, The Crown, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones. Movie: Any of the Ocean’s… i.e. Ocean’s Eleven, etc.

Email: gooddaytina@kmaxtv.com
Twitter: @TinaMacuha

Comments (153)
  1. PV says:

    I arrived in Sac in Sept. 87 and I would listen to the radio and Mark and Tina was the first 2 people I identified as people I did like. Tina might not remember this but I first seen her at the gate of Mc Clellan giving away donuts because she lost a contest on the radio. I wish we could have became good friends coz you were nice even though I made you miss your Q to speak. Mark didn’t know what happened to you and when I apologized you just said it was alright and took it in stride. I am glad to see you have recovered and I hope to meet you and talk to you. I have seen you and said hi but that is all because I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable by approaching you to talk to you. Happy Holidays from a distant friend Paul (Write back Tina)

    1. Bob says:

      Yep, I jumped in line here…. Teen’s Tunes with Bobby Flay. I have never felt so much like a back-asswards low-life hick until I saw his reactions to this uncomfortable part of the show. It has been “played-out” so-to-speak. Lay “Teen’s Tunes” to rest. If that’s not enough of a reason then LOOK at the body-language of the cast, AND yourself. By the way…. you seem to be doing us a favor being on the air lately. Being a past loyal viewer I know your history, and strength. I admire you for that. But, the show must go on….. GERONIMOOOOOOoooooooooooo0000000000000!!!!

      1. Kari says:

        Please, please, pleeeeaaaasssssse…..get rid of Teen’s Tunes! Love ya but it sucks! The age difference of cast members makes it an impossible competition. That’s all I have to say about that.

  2. Michael says:

    Hi Tina, Just wanted to thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to help us at Mather Community Campus on Thanksgiving day. I watch GDS every mornig, it IS the best morning news show in the are. Again, Thank you

  3. Vince says:

    Tina, let me take you down memory lane just abit. Can you remember shark fishing about 2 year ago on the coast by Stinson beach or there by? Well any way my wife Lea and I were there along with the “shark man” Shane. I remember we had a good time despite the lack of any fish on a hook. The reason for my message is that I was wondering if you had a cancer foundation that you support or one that supported you through your life change. I would like to make a small donation to a local foundation that has made an impact on an individual. Someone that has made a difference in “my life” possibly through an acquaintance, friend or a memory. If your interested or would like to provide information please send a response to my e-mail and I can give you a phone# that I can be contacted at.

    Vince Gonzales

    1. tinaju says:

      Hi Vince — sorry I didn’t see your post until today. New updated website. Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation is one of the groups I do a lot of work with. Small group helping local people. Thank you! Tina

  4. ALEX says:

    my qustion to you is what is your favorite holiday season of the year.

  5. Theresa says:

    Tina… I have NOTHING else to say other then YOU are the ‘ISH!!!! :o) <3

    Much Love!!

  6. Mary A. Buchanan says:

    Tina I want to say THANK YOU for taking time out of your Thanksgiving Day to go to Mather Community Campus !! I am a student there and it really meant alot to me. That night we had a candle light vigil and one of the things I said I am gratiful for is people like you that believes in and supports Mather Community Campus and the students living there.It really does mean alot to us, .I will time out Feb 1st, but I will stay very committed and involved in Mather !!!! I have gained so much more than just employment training in the 2 yrs here it is amazing !! Thank you again Tina you are an awesome person.

  7. Robin says:

    I just want to say goodbye…hopefully not for very long though. Each morning as I get ready for work you are there, keeping me company! But now…there is Mark Mathis grating on my nerves. Is there a higher power that can make him go away? Still love the rest of you~let me know when it’s safe to watch GoodDay again!

    1. Maria Elena says:

      SO agree

    2. Katgirl says:

      He reminds me of that character Lloyd Lindsey Young – CANT STAND HIM – this new guy needs to tone down a bit to fit in, if you ask me.

  8. Maria Elena says:

    Tina I remember you from KSFM 102.5 and have always loved your wonderful personality.I have always thought you were a beautiful lady but you are even more so today.Your down to earth and more identifiable than any other celeb. Just want to take the time to say thank you for being you and all your contributions to the Sacramento area.Keep up the good work.

  9. Lisa says:

    I love watching you and can relate to you in so many ways. You have recovered wonderfully and are a role model for me. I have always loved watching GDS until Mathis joined on. I have a couple health issues, and GDS was always a “great escape” for me with the humor and the “family-like” atmosphere. It seems, through, body language, that you may not be feeling comfortable with him, as well; I’m sure you’ve been reading the other posts. I have been trying to keep an open mind about Mathis thinking that he’s like a long-lost relative that has to be accepted as part of the family…but family can only stay so long. I’m so sorry to say, but I cannot watch GDS and will miss you and all the others I’ve grown to love. Respectfully.
    PS: you guys came to my house to see my Bulldog collection 🙁

    1. Irina says:

      TOROBUITRE808 on March 29, 2011 And are you suggesting that ppolee just pay somebody whatever they ask just because they called and demanded payment? You can make an argument that not paying a debt is a dishonorable thing and in many cases I would agree that you are right. However, wouldn’t you also consider it dishonorable for some company to buy a bunch of debt for $.02 on the dollar and then start calling ppolee demanding payment when they have no real proof these ppolee actually owe anything?

  10. Katgirl says:

    WE LOVE YOU TINA!!!! You are brave, caring, a smart cookie and so inspirational. Keep up the great smiles and the daily words of wisdom!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!

  11. Pastor Tomas and Roxanna Burgos/ Calistoga Christian Center says:

    Dearest Tina.
    I know you are always looking out for new things in the filipino community. I am married to the most beautiful of all filipinas my wife “The First Lady”. I wrote this song to help her recover from a recent surgery. We have a new member of the filipino family “Tinkerbell the pacemaker. She keeps my young wife in rhythm. Please feel free to use it as you wish in the new “Pinoy Christmas Choir at Good day Sacramento.

    We are so proud of you!
    Pastors Tomas and Roxanna Burgos

    Twelve Days of Pinoy Christmas
    By Pastors Tomas & Roxanna Burgos
    Ok,mostly TOMAS 😀

    On the first day of Pinoy Christmas, my Lola gave to me:
    A pansit in a pine tree
    On the second day of Pinoy Christmas, my Lola gave to me:
    Two lumpias
    On the third day of Pinoy Christmas, my Lola gave to me:
    Three adobo plates
    On the forth day of Pinoy Christmas, my Lola gave to me:
    Four green cards (visas)
    On the fifth day of Pinoy Christmas, my Lola gave to me:
    Five rice cookers
    On the sixth day of Pinoy Christmas, my Lola gave to me:
    Six leche flans
    On the seventh day of Pinoy Christmas, my Lola gave to me:
    Seven pinoy vans(MPV’s)
    On the eighth day of Pinoy Christmas, my Lola gave to me: Eight balikbayan boxes
    On the ninth day of Pinoy Christmas, my Lola gave to me:
    Nine halo halos
    On the tenth day of Pinoy Christmas, my Lola gave to me: Ten cup o’noodles
    On the eleventh day of Pinoy Christmas, my Lola gave to me:
    Eleven giant spoons
    On the twelve day of Pinoy Christmas, my Lola gave to me:
    Twelve karaokes

    Merry Pinoy Christmas…Bonga, Bonga Y’all
    Created on this day December 1,2010

  12. Katrina says:

    TINNNNAH!!! I have your warm maple syrup candles!!! let me know where and I’ll send you one … I also have Blueberry waffles for Court … I’ll hook you both up!!! Actually I’m sure I can find the address on the home page … be on the lookout ;o)

    Can be purchased at http://www.scentfullkozies.com

  13. cynthia lee says:

    Enjoy Good Day. Watch it every morning.
    I wanted to know if you would give a plug for Caleb Greenwood’s Annual Holiday Breakfast, and Fun Run. the details are below.

    All activities at Caleb Greenwood K-8 School
    5458 Carlson Drive (River Park)
    Sacramento, CA 95816

    5K Flap Jack Fun Run
    starts at 7:00 registration
    $25 for adult/ $10 for kids/ $20 for virtual runner
    8:00 Short Stack Kids’ Run
    8:30 Flap Jack 5K Run

    Holiday Pancake Breakfast
    8:00- 11:00
    Breakfast, Santa, and more
    $6 per adult/ $5 per senior/ $4 per child

    1. cynthia lee says:

      Opps! I forgot to tell you it’s this Saturday. December 11th.

  14. MARILOU says:

    Tina,how can you be so hateful to the new-MARK -? why didn”t you say good morning to him like you do the others.Whats up with you guys,Cody seems like the only nice one.I told my husband,you wait and see mark will be gone before long.you guys,your better than this!I have enjoy you since the start.you were the first to laugh & ect,ect.But now you guys have your ass up in the air over the new guy. remember when you did your first job.Tina,when you were sick,we were all praying for you so why don”t you be a better person to others.And this goes for the rest of you-mariann,nick,ect.ect.-get off of him and stand up for your co-worker.i’m so up-set over this i care less if i put all the ,./., were their to be. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

    1. Linda says:

      I’m with MARILOU. Whether you like new Mark or not, you (and the other GDS on-air staff) need to act like the professional I know you can be.

      1. Marie says:

        I have to agree with Marilou and Linda on this. I’ve watched the show for years and have always found both Marianne and Tina to be rude and condescending.

        My granddaughter was at an event at the SPCA several years ago and ran into Tina. She was excited to see her in person and said to her “Hi Tina. I watch you on Good Day Sacramento with my grandparents”. Tina snarled her nose and gave a condescending “Uh yah” reply to my granddaughter. She tried to have a conversation with Tina, but Tina rolled her eyes and walked away.

        My granddaughter told us about it the moment she got home. Her feelings were terribly hurt. She was only 11 years old at the time. I told her not to take it personally and explained that unfortunately, there are people like that in this world and rather than be angry towards Tina, she should feel sorry for her because she must not be a very happy person. I was furious that an adult could behave this way towards a child. We’ve met “real” celebrities and have never been treated that way by any of them.

        Since that happened, I cannot bring myself to like Tina. She is phony. However, when she was going through breast cancer, I still prayed for her and wished her the best. My mother is a survivor and no matter how I feel about anyone, I could never wish them ill and still want good things for them. On the flip side of that, I wish that Tina and Marianne would leave GDS. They do not fit in well with the rest of the cast with their sarcasm and rudeness.

      2. lily says:


      3. Bob says:

        Marianne IS sincere. So is Nick. They look embarrassed about their co-workers and try to help resolve “issues”. They are the only reason to watch this show! REALLY!

    2. Bob says:

      “Tina,how can you be so hateful to the new-MARK -? why didn”t you say good morning to him like you do the others.Whats up with you guys…” I’m starting to think that Tina might be a little racist…(duh!) as well. Sorry, I know what you went through (first-hand), but that doesn’t give you the right. Sympathy has gone to your head. your body-language is very negative. Your job is to entertain and inform with a smile on your face. Don’t see races, see people.

  15. MARILOU says:

    Tina,how can you be so (hateful) to the new -MARK-?This morning he said -GOOD MORNING-to you and you act like a bitch to him.Why can’t his co-workers stand up for him,the only person i see that is nice to him is -CODY-.When you guys first started i would stand up for ya’ll when others would say they want be on the air long..This isn’t just to you ms .tina,!nick,marianna,and some of the other ladies who are also -NEW-.Tina,when you were ill we all were praying for you,why don’t you show alittle kindness to -MARK-.Do ya’ll think we can’t see?Ya’ll act like a family,i guess -MARK- is the black sheep!Get over your selfs and show your still in my eyes # one. GOD BLESS !

    1. RIC says:

      It’s very simple–Mathis is a JERK 100%—He is ok, but not here!!Wake up!! ALL MY LOVE!

      1. Craig says:

        I am sure plenty of people think and have thought you were and are a jerk too. You are no angel.

        Show mercy get mercy, show judgement get judgement.

  16. Sacramento Jr. Cougars Cheer says:

    Dear Friends,

    We, the Sacramento Jr. Cougars Cheer would like to extend a hearty thank you for your generosity and hospitality.
    We appreciate the time you and your staff took to guide us ,is even more welcome.
    It is of great honor to have performed on your show with the opportunity to network with your Staff, Producers and all alike.
    The opportunity for which you allowed our girls to experience will be at the top of their accomplishments, as a team,organization and within themselves individually.
    As we make preparations for our journey to Las Vegas, we will be sure to be in communication with you and your staff to update our progress and further accomplishments.

    Thank you for making time to meet with us and for sharing your spotlight.


    Sacramento Jr. Cougars

  17. MARILOU says:

    Folks,pls.stop kissing tina’s — ! she rolls her eyes when some one trys to talk to her,she is rude.

    1. jr. says:

      Marilou : get off your high and mighty soap box ,grab your remote and change the channel. you seem to have issues with tina …why ? the new mark is trying to hard to fit in and needs to tone it down ,with his annoying voice and yes when he starts talking i do change the channel and return to hopefully avoid hearing him. and dont end your post with GOD BLESS when the begining of your posts are filled with anger and hate, get a life and move on .

  18. Georgia says:

    When are you coming back to work…..I miss you

  19. SONJA says:

    Tina, Where are you? I haven’t seen you for a couple of week or more. Did you leave the show, or just on vacation. Hope your health is good.

  20. barbara melis says:

    i want to congratulate on all you have overcome. your daily quips keep me optomistic when life seems to hard to handle. between my 18 year old daughter, her fifteen month old, her high school and my full time job at wal mart at watt and el camino in the claims department, its overwhelming but just to think of what you have overcome, i know i can make it through a day. too bad i dont have friends like “honey” to keep me laughing.

  21. Mrs. Ward says:

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    Thanks for all your love & support.

  22. Teresa says:

    I have noticed that you have been gone for over a week and I was wondering if you were doing OK. I am currently undergoing chemo for breast cancer and still have surgery to look forward to. I am always interested in how you are doing. You remain in my pryaers

  23. Glenda says:

    Tina where are you? Haven’t seen you in a couple of weeks, what did I miss?

  24. kim says:

    this is kim you and mark married us years ago i talked to you after your cancer . i had cancer too i hope you remember me
    how are you and when are you coming back are you ok
    iam worried

  25. Lee says:

    Tina, we miss you, when will you be back?

  26. John Nakatani says:

    Where is Tina?

    1. John says:

      My wife is bugging me about Tina, She wants to know if Tina no longer works on Good Day Sacramento?

  27. Tina Machua says:

    Where has Tina been latley is she ok if I don’t see her I worry about her cancer. I think she is so neat I enjoy her. Pleaase let me know. Thanks

    1. Sam says:

      Hi All ~ Looking for an answer…Where is Tina? My wife watched your show for years, she too had Breast Cancer. She passed 2 years ago. Tina was a shining light for all cancer survivors and their loved ones…

  28. Kay says:

    Morning Tina, I watch the morning show everyday but i havent seen you on for awhile. Are you still there? Kay

  29. Michael says:

    Where is Tina?????????

  30. Audrina says:

    Please tell me Tina is on Vacation! I would be crushed if she left like her pinay Stefanie. I hope her health is good. I’m entering year 5 and my last year of tamoxifen 🙂

  31. leigh says:

    I watch every morning and was wondering where Tina is. I miss her.

  32. Christine says:

    where tina we miss her

  33. Kay says:

    Getting a little concerned about Tina’s return. Anyone know when she might be coming back? Tina? Miss her!

  34. Shelli Michael says:

    Hey GDS!! I haven’t seen Tina in weeks! Is she on vacation? I hope her health is okay. Will she be returning soon? It’s not the same without her!

  35. Ruby says:

    What happen to Tina? I don’t remember anyone saying she was leaving. Usually when one of the team leaves you let us know unless I missed it. But, I watch CW31 everyday. Can you please let me know where Ms. Tina went? She is truly missed in our house!!! Please reply- Thank you, Ruby

  36. leisa says:

    where have you been? my husband & i comment to each other every few days that we haven’t seen you. i don’t recall seeing you since december. we hope you are well. we really miss you!!!

  37. Pat says:

    My husband and i havent seen Tina,we are worried about her.Please let us know how she is doing.God bless you Tina

  38. Dianne Randall says:

    Miss you and hope everything is ok

  39. Lisa bonfiglio says:

    Hi I have never posted a message like this I was just wondering about Tina where is she is she ok I sure hope so please GDSlet us all know I did notice it’s no longer tinas tunes it’s courtneys tunes so does that mean Tina is gone ??

  40. Barbara Stelter says:

    I hope that someone is replying to all of these comments about Tina being absent from the show. Everyone loves her and wishes her the best. I hope you will let us know if she is coming back and if so, how soon that will be!! Love the GDS show except it is really difficult to listen to MM.

  41. Joyce says:

    Tina………….where are u, we miss u…..

  42. DR says:

    WHERE IS TINA?????!! I want my Tina back!

    1. Gerry says:

      Don’t know! Don’t care! show is much better without her…

  43. Jennifer says:

    What happened to tina????? 🙁 Please email me back!

  44. Manny Vaz. says:

    What has happened to Tina? I haven’t seen her on the show for a long time. Can anyone tell me?

    1. Tina says:

      Tina is doing well and she’ll be back on Tuesday. 🙂 BTW, this isn’t THE Tina, we just happen to share the same name. Looking forward to her return!

  45. Wayne (Sugar Shepp) Sheppard says:

    Greetings Tina…your #1 Fan, also wondering where you are and praying that all is well. I’ve asked some of your co-workers (TV-13 side) about your where-a-bouts and they thought you were on vacation. However it sounded as if they are NOT sure. Although Courney is doing a great job, we MISS YOU as the superalative, spendid, spectacular traffic anchor that has ever graced Television. 🙂 Hope to see you back soon. God bless, Shepp.

  46. Georgiana says:

    My husband said while he was watching Good Day this morning the quote of the day was “Take the one you love to dinner”.He told me he thought it would be funny if someone would call in and say”I was going to take the one I loved to dinner but she is with her husband. His name is Robert.

  47. Pamela says:

    Tryen to log on the baby talk site but cant could you please help?

  48. Laurent says:

    You look Super Cute in that Blue Wig…Chewing gum…Batting your eyes! Dont Judge Me!!

  49. Ann says:

    Hola Tina – thank goodness you’re back! Missed you! Now that the a.m. tv world is calm again, life can continue! Yaaaayyyy Tina!!

  50. Michael says:

    Tina, I have always enjoyed you in the mornings. I can only imagine how appaled you must now be to have your portrait under Don Geronimo’s. Lets hope his stay is short

  51. Alma Stout says:

    Hi, Tina. It’s good to seeyou back. Hope everything is good with you. I missed you. Stay well.

  52. Tammy Cox says:

    I recently had an augmentation but prior to having it done I had purchased 3 new bras. I know that there is an organization or two that accepts slightly used/new bras. I have a few friends who also have a few and my Surgeon said he would let future patients know. I am sure you may be able to steer me in the right direction. Thank you.

  53. Marco says:

    You wonder Tina’s attituce toward that new Mark??? This court jester thinks he is funny with his stupid laugh, abnoxious behavior, trying to fit in, like a square peg in a round hole. Tina has a class, lots of class, is sincere, and gentle, however, she won’t tolerate individuals like this Mark Mathis, neither do we – let’s all get a petition to have him out of the show!

    1. Bob says:

      Polo! WAH! Happy now! What ’bout the 11-year old girl she dissed. I kind of figured her to be that kind of person….

  54. Elke says:

    Hi Tina. I met you at Tahoe City Snowfest! (I think it was you…). My kids were filmed as a possible part of your piece. I’m not from Sacramento and didn’t get to watch the show this morning. Any chance the piece is posted somewhere online?

  55. Nora Gayac says:

    We love you Tina!! keep up the good work!!! Me and my 13 year old daughter love you!!!

  56. karen_sims50@hotmail.com says:

    Tina were are the girl???you all seem like you have a lot fun.but miss the ones that are Gone.but alway be Watch you all.

  57. Laurie says:

    Hi, Tina! I just wanted to say thank you and good-bye to my favorite GDS people! I have watched for 13+ years and have appreciated having GDS as a welcome break from the seriousness of the world and becoming a stay-at-home new mom all those 13 + years ago.! I wish you the best and happy, healthy life. I will definitely miss you and your positive message you make sure to display! I truly wish I could remain a loyal viewer, but as hard as I tried, I just cannot take another day with Mark Mathis. Stay happy and positive!!

  58. christina says:

    hey, tina you are my favorite good day sacramento star.

  59. Meg says:

    Hey Tina first of all I think your a very pretty woman, and second don’t ever give up your flip flaps, I’m 68 years old and
    have a shoe rack full of them and enjoy wearing them all the time. You take care lots of love to you and your family

  60. Jim Smith says:

    Tina, did you have a different last name when you were at Mira Loma High school. I was at Mira Loma High class of 1978.

  61. Rosella--Turlock says:

    Where is Mark Mathis?

  62. Susan says:

    I miss your thought of the day. But until Don is gone, I won’t be watching Good Day in the morning.

    1. Bob says:

      Dearest Susan, Your wish has been granted. Tina blinks her eyes and POOF! He’s gone. She seems sour-faced lately. Wonder what or who it is now? Could it be Don? The shows cast seems unraveled lately. So sad. Bye.

      1. Lisa From ElkGrove says:

        Please, Mathis was horrible and needed to go. She had to follow his stupid un-funny lead ins. She is probably siad b/c I think they let Nick Toma go, his bio isnt on the webiste and he ahs been gone awhile with. Once last week they said he was “sick”. I hope they didnt let him go, he is very good.

        Don doesnt bother me,b ut Mathis did. Good Riddance.

  63. Bob says:

    Dearest Tina,
    Practice what you placard!
    Robert Mancondo

  64. Janet says:

    Hi Tina! since you like unique quotes. Here’s one someone recently shared.
    It’s better to be seen than viewed!!

  65. Bob says:

    On the damn phone while you are on the air! How unprofessional you are. I’m embarrassed for you…. 🙁

  66. Nick says:

    I read that he had an argument with marianne during a commercial break. After the commercial he was gone… Then they said “vacation”, then they said he called in sick for 2 days. I know from a reliable “inside source”. Nick is gone and so is the shows heart & soul.

  67. Brayton says:

    Goodday;& Good mornning Tina , Brayton here. I been trying to find the answer to 25,000,000.00 payout? mabe ucan help? Have abless day.
    1 of the Fab. 4 fans like U

    1. Nick says:

      I see that Brayton needs a little help with grammar . Heez prably; an Hi Skoole graduit . I m “have abless day”. yoo two; Yai four tenaz’ falllawerz;

      1. Nanie says:

        Kudos Nick. Have you noticed that nearly every comment has typo, spelling and bad grammar? Makes me wonder…..hummmm

  68. Rich & Janie Sherman says:

    Hi Tina can you tell us when Nick Toma is going to be back to work/the show, we miss any of you when your not on for a day or two, but not Mark Matthis LOL

  69. Rich & Janie Sherman says:

    hi Tina i dont know if you got my last Email or not any we would like to know when Nick Taoma is going to be back

  70. sue says:

    where is nick thomas

  71. sue says:

    where is nick

  72. Mario Ruelas says:

    what Happend to Nick Toma

  73. Tonia Baltimore says:

    Tina You are so Awesome, Keep up the great work! I always look forward to see you message of the day and it works.Thanks

  74. Mario Ruelas says:

    Nick Toma ?

  75. Alicia Castillo says:

    Hi Tina- I am part of the Impalas team on the ACS Relay for Life Yuba City. Im putting a slide show together of the faces affected by cancer- those living with cancer, those who have gone too soon and survivors,and posting in on youtube as a fundraiser for my team. I would love to include your picture in my slideshow as a survivor but would like your aproval first. Would you please consider it? I would love to hear from you by June 4th to have it ready and posted by June 11th-the day of the relay.

  76. david says:

    ur awesome Tina keep on keeping on

  77. Jane Schilling says:


    As a woman who has faced cancer and a voice who can share the message about early detection and treatment, we would love you to consider riding on the PINK FireTruck in the Vacaville Fiesta Days Parade. It’s the largest community parade in California and we are honored to host the Guardian’s of the Ribbon this year. The Parade is Saturday, May 28th.

    Take a look at the NorthBay.org website or google Pink Heals Tour to see what we are trying to share. Besides, who can resist a fireman in pink?

    1. Leo J says:

      My Filipino friends used to make fun of me because I didn’t have the satellite channel TFC (The Filipino Chanel). I told them that I did and would show them GDS with you and Stefanie. I felt really proud that one time you both brought in pancit, lumpia and other food. Now that Stefanie has moved on, its not the same, but I still like watching GDS.

  78. deanna says:

    hello tina
    i have been out of town and came back i havent seen nick is he ok ? has he movedon just checking

  79. EZMONEY says:

    Thanks for preserving HISTORY of the day we were featured on your show. I can still remember how I felt like a star signing on the green room wall and to make it in two of the pics brought those great memories back!
    thanks Tina

  80. Deanna says:

    Hey, can we shop today at the Ione Community Garage Sale???
    I want to go today:)

  81. Al says:

    My wife and I used to hear you on the radio, we think it was the Joey Mitchel show in the mornings. Are we correct? Anyway, we enjoy you on the tube. Congrats on the “Graduate”. It seems like just yesterday she was learning how to walk. Where has the time gone? Stay safe and continue healing.

    1. Bob says:

      Joey Mitchell? How old is Tina Macua (Filipina Kababayan)?

  82. Carol Cabuloy says:

    Hey Tina, it is such a pleasure to have a Filipina Kababayan like you on TV. I came to Sac from the Bay Area 9 yrs ago. Started watching GoodDay Sacramento and haven’t stopped. I LUV Teen’s Tunes because I grew up listening to Old Skool music. Girl, you are the BOMB!! Thank you and may God continue to bless you with good health! XOXO, Carol

    1. Bob says:

      Somehow that is racist?

  83. Tessie Wyatt says:

    whatever happened to nick toma?did he leave the station?

  84. Gary says:

    What happened to Nick Toma

  85. kim says:

    can someone tell us what happened to nick toma??????

    1. Koichi says:

      jwatwater on January 5, 2011 gdesin team for this truck: ok. basically, let’s take an Expedition, and add chrome everywhere possible, luxury interior, and coolness. and chrome. lots and lots of chrome but I hav to admit, I dont hate it

  86. sharon says:

    WHERE IS NICK TOMA???? TINA we have decided that we will be NICK TOMAS DRONES since drones are the big thing on GDS these days! WE ARE MISSING NICK AND WANT TO KNOW WHERE OUR SINGle ITALIAN GENTLEMAN IS??? GDS ISNT the same without him..WHATS WRONG WITH THE PRODUCERS??? or should we be praying for his health? Its not fair to your mature single viewers..WHO DO WE HAVE TO RELATE TO?? DON GERONIMO??? NOT!!! PLEASE LETS US KNOW WHERE HE IS..PLEASE..ENTREPENEUR AND CYNDI CLARKE

  87. myra says:

    hi tina
    i would like to know if you can help me get my doys on good day sac so i can find them a good home . if you can let me know or call me at 335-8094 so i can email you more info. thanks in advance
    myra white

  88. Linda says:


    1. Bob says:


  89. Bob says:

    I Haven’t watched in awhile. I haven’t missed a thing. I’m bummed. Hey, did Maryanne get a LifeStyle Lift? See you in a couple of months. #SPLAT

  90. Prost Family says:

    Went to Dante’s in Stockton and so glad we did. We all tried something different and was not disappointed, this place was definitely worth the drive. Thanks!

    1. jason mcbride says:

      dantes pizza is nice .very awsome atmosphere for it to be what it is .

  91. jason mcbride says:

    you look younger & better now than you do in your bio.not that you werent pretty then….ok that was akward,but yeah..Teens tune oh so fun.keep it coming

    1. Kari says:

      Dude, really?!!!! About Teen’s Tune, that is.

  92. paula d castles says:


  93. Kody B says:


  94. Kim Baldwin says:

    Hi Tina! I don’t know if you’ll remember me and my family but you did a story on the first segmant of teacher’s corner with Miss Baker, my son Zack Baldwin’s 5th grade teacher. You guys then did a story on Zack when he was 16, he had gone to Japan and won the World Championship for trials unicycle riding. Anyway, we live in northern Arizona now and we still miss watching CH 31! Hope all is great, take care Kim Baldwin

  95. robert says:


  96. Tom says:

    The music player MP3 you have looks like a bottle? Who makes it?

    Thanks Tom

  97. koreen says:

    Where did Toots go? They mentioned today that someone else is going to do truck tracker but I never heard what happened to Toots. I miss him he was funny.

  98. Leonard Carter says:

    I drive a none emergency van and I’m on the road all day.
    Your morning coverege on the highways help me alot so Thank You for the time you put in to keep me and everyone safe.

    Time Changing HAIKUS
    Clock’s twelve ten
    Picture she smiles in
    Change clocks this weekend.

  99. fran says:

    Hi Friend, I think those 2 little girls, my cp grandson likes that saying from you two also, I have sent you pictures for the 5am club havent seen them

  100. Gwen Long says:

    My grandfather was Robert Eugene Lee Long any relation of General Robert E Lee? he was An orphan and joined a. Carnival and the Army

  101. Gwen Long says:

    I was grandpa’s rebel and my dream all my life was to write and sing and I did at Pershing Elementry placer Elementry Louis Pasteure Intermediate school And casarobles high school and I am looking for those people I went to school with And ,also I am unemployed

  102. rey says:

    stop being so catty to your cast members you act like they all owe you something, and also act like you have some type of “dirt” on them. those quotes of the day at times with your behaviour i wonder if those really came from you or a book or some other source, at times you can be too transparent with your attitude that you unknowingly let on to some office politics with cast members get off your pedestal and be a pleasant member of the crew. those qoutes? let them really come out of your heart, dress up a little more, at times you look like a middle aged woman that finally gave up on her looks you are not on radio and can be seen when the camera is on you, unlike a dj mic and not seen at all by the public, in other words stop being lazy on screen dress like a woman that still cares about how she looks,flip flops?to work?cmon tina you are on television not radio LOOK and BE PROFFESIONAL. all of the time on air not when you feel like it your appearance should look like your bio photo not like woman that just got out of bed at the radio studio instead of the tv studio

  103. Bob says:

    It was nice seeing you at the Mandarin Festival this past weekend in Auburn.

  104. lyn jones says:

    tina you seem so cool and calm, and really down to earth :0) ive enjoyed watching all of you guys, hope to be able to see you guys again, can you please send me your resiepe opps cant spell for your famous lumpia it looked so good when you made it on the show, o and the sauce to PLEASE and THANK YOU ..

  105. Debra Alameida says:

    You did a story on Mexican res. in orngevale back a few months ago. I was wondering if you can give me the name of it as well as the address. I have gone and tried to look for it. No luck.

  106. Claudia says:

    HORRIFIC UPDATE on Samantha as of today, Wednesday, December 07, 2011 about 10:30AM:
    I am working with a wonderful director from a rescue that works with low income people and homeless with their pets in Sacramento. She is awesome. She was able to convince the owners to let her take Samantha to the vet today, Wednesday. Samantha is in really bad shape. Her demodex is chronic, her complete chest is raw, she has bumps all over her body and she can’t stop itching. She has chronic diarrhea, she is weak, she does not have vaccines and she does not get any attention. She still needs other tests. The original Sacramento County Animal report said it was not so bad and the dog is ok and has what she needs, but maybe it was because it was late in the evening and not enough light. This girl needs continued medical attention and the owners cannot give it!! Now to describe the horrid conditions she is living in! We hope the owners surrender her to the rescue. When the rescue went to pick her up to take her to the vet she was surrounded by her own diarrhea feces and lying in it, she is on a very short leash, she is tied all the time, she is in a corner in the back yard and is outside in this cold weather, she had no food or water, she was weak to get up and she cowered and whimpered when the male owner approached her (it was so sad), but so happy and loving to the two women from the rescue. She is very sweet and loving even though she is in these horrible conditions. We need to find a foster home for her where she is loved and cared for. The rescue is willing to take care of the medical. She needs your thought and prayers. She needs a Christmas miracle. This breaks my heart!!

  107. momrocks47 (paula d castles) says:

    thank you for helping me first join the 5am club! now you have shown my photo on ty!!! it means a lot to me as this staff means .

  108. Kenny says:

    Hi Tina, I just wanted you to know that I start each day with your beauty. I’ve been watching for several years and have decided that you’re the most beautiful woman on the planet. Your smile and your sort of shyness just melts my heart. Your thought for today made me decide to say something to you, I just want you to know how beautiful you are to some of us. Peace, Love & Happiness…

  109. LOUIE YAMAGUCHI says:


  110. Mr. Francis says:

    Tina: You continue to berate Mitt Romney like he was a shallow flea bitten dog. Why don’t you read up on him a little more. You have no idea what Mitt Romney can do for this country. We were watching your dumb little program the other day when you said “Mitt Romney isn’t fit to be President.” How dare you. Don’t be too confident that you will have a job under another four years with this Obama character running the show. I think you are a race baiter and when you put down good people like Mitt Romney just because he’s a Mormon your short temper shows through. This show is not meant to be used as your personal soap box. Obviously you can’t find any other job and stop smirking at the camera. You look like a man in drag anyhow. You should stop bashing Mitt Romney and get on board with the GOP if you really love America. Shame on you.

  111. tony keisling says:

    been with you and Mark since ksfm 102.5 . livin in Boise now and miss goodday sac. happy new year. turbotony

  112. Lisa elliott says:

    Lisa Elliott: MY CHEMO JOURNEY
    08/26/08 2:25 AM

    Chemo is unique in its own way for everyone.For me,no matter who or how many people were with me I still felt alone,fighting my own powerfull war.Your taken away from yourself,the real world and everything around you.My body was their but my mind and soul were lost,scared and in the darkness thinking,I want to go home,I want my life back…. Each day wondering what type of pain will keep me in this dark room today.Shut off from the world waiting for the next round so I can feel even sicker and farther away from realization… As I look in the mirror,seeing with each round of chemo my body age from trying to absorb the poison,feeling helpless and hopeless popping pills and sleeping hoping to wake up and this was a nightmare… Their is no M-F or weekends,just a every 3rd wed.8 times.Waiting for July 16th.Knowing I will be done putting my mind and body through living HELL… Now I sit on a post watching the world pass right by me.Thinking ,this isnt it,Will I be haunted again will I live to see my daughter marry and have children.I dont want to share my life with cancer anymore.I dont want to be sick and alone again… I bless the real friends who came to see me almost die to stay alive.Feeling my pain,seeing my life being sucked out of me,wondering if I will make it,if I can handle it,if the chemo is working… Since Feb.20th I havnt felt peace,I dont think I ever will again.Riding horses,fishing… I have become close to the people at chemo treatments.We all have something in common,running our lives but yet we cant see it,touch it or smell it but we sure can feel it,so powerfull so solid,we must let it to stay alive… when first diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer invasive Ductale carsinoma,I wanted to know more about chemo,I read something about pain thinking,what kind of pain can my treatments give me..NOW I KNOW… I am a very unique person for I have defeated my Chemo Journey.

  113. Lisa says:

    Hi..my name is Lisa and I have recently started my own breast cancer support group in lodi called”Women of Courage”.I have had breast cancer myself in 2007 and was cancer free 09/2008.YAAAAA.I did 4 rounds of Doxirubin and 4 rounds of taxotere.I decided to have the group because many of my friends need to have check ups and do follow ups.I try to support them..you know help them to not be affraid.I was wondering if you could give me some tips on how we can raise a little money for shirts..i have a logo for us already.we also have an icon every month on a woman of courage and read a page on that certain icon for that month.our meetings are eveery tuesday at my house from 7:00pm till 9:00pm one hour of talking about breast cancer and then we do arts and crafts.we are gonna have you be our icon next month.I hope you could let me know how I can better our support group and help my girls be women of courage.I look forward in hearing from you..for I am a Woman of Courage……

  114. Tony birch says:

    Boring , lack luster personality —-yawn !

  115. Make a man or woman you love to fall in love with you using fall in love spells by Dr Todd a powerful love spells caster. manifestspellcast@gmail. com

  116. norman says:

    HI tina you are so fly!!! I watch the show to see you,and beth and who. your show is so funny.I wanted to work at cw31 as a videographer.BUT I am to old now . I work in san jose calif on the TV show HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS FOCUS. I HAVE been watching your show for many years .I love what you all do

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