Michelle Chandler’s Guac Recipe

Here’s the winning guacamole recipe from this morning’s Guacamole Throwdown



Car Czar At KTHK

We were live with Doug the Car Czar this morning. He took his show on the road to KHTK to help Don G. show celebrate Carmichael Dave’s b-day.


Hello, Don!

Don Geronimo took a break from dishing out his so-called “sophomoric humor” this morning to say hi to us. Do you listen to Don? You can catch him on 1140 KHTK weekdays from 5:30 a.m.-10 […]


Don’s On

Writing children’s books is so easy even celebrities are getting into it! Don talks about the celebs whose work might soon be in your kids’ room. And, it’s another round of “Games That Don’t Suck”.


Don’s On – Don’s Drones

Not to be upstaged by Mark S. and the Truck Tracker, Don Geronimo is looking for Drones to show their unique skills on air (remember Tesla Coil Guy?). Don’t be bashful, step right up and […]


Mark Kreidler From The Rise Guys

KHTK radio host Mark Kreidler was with us this morning to talk about the Kings.


Get Better, Don!

Don’s out because he’s battling illness. How bad is it? Check out his two latest tweets: (4/8 at 6 a.m.) – Still ill. Have a good wknd, I shall return Monday 2 KHTK & GDS. […]


Here We Build

Radio host Carmichael Dave stopped by the studio to talk about “Here We Build”, the grassroots effort he started to help buy a new arena in Sacramento. He’s dedicated to helping keep the Kings, and […]


Don’s Anniversary

Don and Janet have their first anniversary today. But instead of taking the day off, the two celebrated their special day over the weekend. He talked about how they spent their time and shared photos […]


Tina Macuha On Don’s Show

Don talked about Tina’s appearance on his show Wednesday. He mentioned her 1-900 voice, the gifts they shared and talked about Tina opened up about having cancer. You can listen to the show again on […]