• april fools

    April Fools' Day!

    We got into April Fools' day this morning and turned the table on our reporters and anchors.

  • 7332272_G

    Ian Schwartz & Tina Machua Do A Little Dance

    Ian and Tina are had a good time this morning while busing a move!

  • 11091302_10152934783453005_3783451595390252449_n

    Woman Who Gets Garth's Guitar Talks To Good Day

    It was Jaimee's dream to see Garth in concert. What she got at the concert has her came as a...

  • 7287003_G

    Cambi's Sleep Gadgets

    Cambi Brown is in need of sleep so she is trying out some new products to see if they work.

  • 7288312_G

    Scandia's New Ride

    Melissa Cabral is trying out the Crazy Dane Roller Coaster before anyone else.