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Car CzarWith so much outrage now being directed at Volkswagen for lying about its car, it’s time for a reality check about ALL cars and the difference between what automakers say and what really happens once you buy their product.
Alleged DUI Driver Blows Through Intersection During Live Report On Crosswalk SafetyA live morning television report on crosswalk safety almost turned tragic as an alleged drunk driver failed to stop and burned rubber through an intersection just as the reporter was about to cross the street as a California Highway Patrol officer looked on.
Car Czar
Doug The Car Czar
Car Czar - Best Family Car?
The Car Czar
Is the Odor We All Love Actually the Smell of Death?
Car Czar - Keeping Kids Safe In The Car
Car Czar: Gas Savings, New Car Smell And Viewer Questions
Doug The Car Czar
The Car Czar

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