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You Like Teen’s Tune?

Teen’s Tune is a game I’ve been playing with the other anchors on Good Day for years! No, it’s not “teen” music but it could be on certain days. Teen is one of my nicknames.

Good Day Sacramento Bios–09/19/2012

iPhone Apps For Baby!

Here are some of my (Julissa) favorite new baby friendly applications in this edition of “App of the week!!


Guest Chef Night at Plates! Last Day to get Tickets!

If you’re not doing anything this Thursday night, December 1, 2011, how about dinner at Plates?

Good Day Sacramento Bios–01/19/2012

And The Winner of the Lumpia Competition is…

1st place = April Bristow, total score = 101

Good Day Sacramento Bios–01/19/2012

Fried Rice and Spam

On Wikipedia, Spam is a precooked meat product made by Hormel. Spam is derived from Spiced Ham. Today, I fried up some Spam, rice and eggs.

Good Day Sacramento Bios–01/19/2012

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