Live Truck Tracker

Live Truck Tracker: Little Boxer

Our Truck Tracker was on full alert Monday and we were told of a local boxer climbing the ranks of west coast fighters. Alan Sanchez went live in Stockton to talk to the boy and his coach.


A to B: Tracy

Courtney was the Truck Tracker this morning, heading out to a home in Elk Grove where a woman is an extreme member of the red hat club and has a huge collection of hats to prove it!


Truck Tracker Dispatcher Steve Had A Busy Day!

Steve had a busy day dispatching our live trucks. Check out where he sent them!


Live Truck Tracker

Jason Maloney was out this morning to preview a parade of NASCAR big rigs. He was also at a new Goodwill store that opened in Sacramento and picked out some clothes.


Truck Tracker Update

What’s the Live Truck Tracker Jason Maloney up to? We joined him live in the Truck Tracker Center for an update, and to get a look at the business tee he was sporting this morning.


Live Truck Tracker: A New Tool

Jason unveiled a new Truck Tracker tool that’ll help him do his job better: a map.


Live Truck Tracker – Honoring Your Graduate

The Live Truck Tracker was honoring a lucky, local graduate this morning in his segment “Show Off Your Kids”.


Live Truck Tracker – Beast Patrol

Our Truck Tracker was alerted about a peacock wreaking havoc today in a viewers’ backyard. Jason sent out a unit to assess the beast!


Live Truck Tracker – Big Mural, And Showing Off Kids

Jason Maloney was live this morning checking out a big mural painted by students in Woodland. Also, he started a new LTT segment called “Show Off Your Kids”


Live Truck Tracker: What’s New?

Jason Maloney gives the Live Truck Tracker update for the day.


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