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Show Info – April 18, 2014

Daily List: 3 Things Kids Can Teach Us About Marriage Co-habitation isn’t easy. Living with another human being makes you home feel a lot smaller than it is – but to make that adjustment easier, […]


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Show Info – April 17, 2014

Daily List: 3 Things Never to Ask in a Job Interview Your resume didn’t fall into a black hole. You’ve been called for an interview. You picked out a nice suit to wear and you’re […]


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Show Info – April 16, 2014

Daily List: 3 Ways to Look Great When Allergies Attack   Car Czar The Big Apple revs up for the final auto show of the season! The Car Czar Doug Brauner is live from […]


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Show Info – April 15, 2014

Daily List: 3 Foods That Are Perfectly Fine To Eat After Their Expiration Date Are you a stickler for a food’s expiration date? Well it turns out some of those are really more of a […]

Good Day Sacramento–04/15/2014

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Show Info – April 14, 2014

NASA: Lunar Eclipse Spring is here and ready to capture the world’s attention with a total lunar eclipse. The eclipse will be visible from North America late tonight at approximately 11pm PST!!!! Here are some […]