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Party Brushes, Thirsty Land and Sacramento SPCA Thrift Sale

Daily List: What To Eat After A Workout If you didn’t eat something before working out, you’ll likely be ravenous by the time you’re done. You want to eat something 30 to 60 minutes after […]


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Tortoise Photoshoot, Head Shaving and National Fairytale Day – Feb. 26, 2015

Daily List: 3 Tips to Fight With Your Spouse Without Ruining Your Marriage We’re talking live with Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon, who star in the CBS remake of the old “Odd Couple” TV show, […]


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Animal Film Festival, Inspiring Non-Profits, Pet Acupuncture – Feb. 25, 2015

Put your smarts to the test and help schools at the same time. The United Way’s Young Leaders Society is holding a trivia night fundraiser on Feb. 25 to raise money for its initiative to bring more clean water to local schools. We’ll test our own trivia skills as well.


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Karate Championships, Donuts, ‘Survivor’ and Children’s Theater – Feb. 23, 2015

Bakers Donuts is celebrating their 30th anniversary in a big way!! They’re doing a lot of giveaways, introducing some new flavors and have even teamed up with food truck dojo burgers for donut burgers!


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Other Uses For Your Phone Book, Maloney Gets Into Juicing and Pump It Up Tracy – Feb. 23, 2015

Daily List: 3 Home Habits That Are Making You Late Some people just aren’t built for the mornings. Every morning is a race around the clock! There are a couple of things going on in […]



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