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U.C. Davis BasketballU.C. Davis Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams will be in the spotlight this weekend playing on ESPNU!
Fashion Week with Ettore’sFood and fashion go together better than you think and today Sac Fashion Week sponsor Ettore's is showing us how.
9:30 AM News and Weather UpdatesGood Day has your latest news and weather updates.
Drum Circle Pt. 2Victor and Dana are teaching Bethany, Julissa, Courtney and Cody how to drum!
The Americana BarbershopThere is a brand new barbershop in Modesto owned by two friends who said they wanted a shop with an old school traditional feel.
9:00 AM News and Weather UpdatesYour latest news and weather updates from Good Day Sacramento.
Drum CircleA husband and wife team is creating a community through drum circles in Oak Park and they’re here to perform for us this morning.
Court's Tunes: Friday TV Shows ThemesCourtney challenges the Good Day crew to another round of Court's Tunes.
Sports Cards Pt. 2Do millennials collect sport cards like generations in the past? Well, Tina is finding out the answer.
8:30 AM News and Weather UpdatesGood Day has your latest news and weather updates.
Mad Men at the Auto Museum Pt. 2Zero to 60s: A Mad Men Office Party is the theme for this year's fundraising event and Nha is checking it out.
Sports CardsThere are a lot of sports memorabilia collectors and Tina is trading some cards this morning.

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Wet Weather Coming Back, Low Snow Expected Over WeekendSnow below the 2000’ mark is expected over the weekend, according to the National Weather Service.
Woman's Sassy Obit Warns People To Wait To Claim Her StuffRelatives of a 91-year-old Ohio woman who died this week are giving her the last word with a sassy, occasionally profane obituary that starts with the basics — "I was born. I lived. I died." — and instructs people to "wait the appropriate amount of time" before trying to claim her stuff.
Taco Bell Pulling Popular Chalupa With Fried Chicken ShellA Taco Bell treat that has a shell made entirely of fried chicken will vanish from the fast food chain's menu despite its popularity.
Bill Would Require Teaching Cursive Writing In Ohio SchoolsSome state lawmakers want to bring back cursive handwriting as a requirement in Ohio's elementary schools.
Fox News Contributor Alan Colmes Dead At 66Alan Colmes, the radio and television host and commentator best known as the amiable liberal foil to the hard-right Sean Hannity on the Fox News Channel, has died.

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