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Manly Minute: Essentials for MenIn today's Manly Minute, Ken has five essentials for all men.
Raider RootersDeuce is finding out why the Sacramento Raider Rooters will continue to support their team after moving to Las Vegas
Kru Sushi's New Home Pt. 2Bethany is taking a look at Kru Sushi's new home!
9:30 AM News and Weather UpdatesGood Day has your latest news and weather updates.
Wildflower Train Pt. 2Cambi is getting a scenic trip through California’s Wildflowers, while learning more about the Western Railway.
Dishin' with Tina: Chateau Arme Bakerie & LatteThe folks from Chateau Arme Bakerie & Latte are here to share some of their delicious dishes.
9:00 AM News and Weather UpdatesYour latest news and weather updates from Good Day Sacramento.
One to Five Recipes Pt. 3Cody is helping Ryan make his “SF Giants Pizza Balls” for us this morning.
Wildflower TrainCambi is at the Western Railway Museum to take a ride on the Wildflower Train.
Blueline ArtsDeuce is at Blueline Arts in Downtown Roseville to check out their latest display.
8:30 AM News and Weather UpdatesGood Day has your latest news and weather updates.
Teen's Tunes: 1979Tina challenges the Good Day crew to another round of Teen's Tunes.

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State Attorney General Seeking Death Penalty For Man Who Killed 8 At Hair SalonCalifornia's attorney general will continue to seek the death penalty for a man who killed eight people in a shooting rampage at a hair salon and whose sentencing has been delayed by a long-running scandal over the use of jailhouse informants.
Cats Prefer Interacting With People Over Food, Study FindsAccording to a new study, cats prefer human interaction over everything, even food.
Notorious Troll Calls The Online Tactics 'A National Sport'Andrew Auernheimer isn't the kind of internet troll who hides behind a screen name. A notorious computer hacker whose anti-Semitic rhetoric matches the swastika tattooed on his chest, the 31-year-old views online trolling campaigns as a modern form of an age-old political tactic.
Authorities: Slain South Sacramento Woman Had Once Dated Alleged Killer
Sleep Deprivation Impairs Emotions Recognition, Study FindsAccording to a new study, when we're sleep deprived, we struggled to decipher non-survival-oriented facial expressions.

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