• CW31

    Mark's Ice Bucket Challenge

    Mark was challenged by his friends over at KSFM 102.5 to take part in the Ice Bucket Challenge, and of course, he decided to do it in his own way.

  • CW31

    Mini Good Day Set

    One viewer and miniature enthusiast has finally finished a miniature version of the Good Day set.

  • CW31

    Good Day Open Mic

    In Carlos Mencia's absence, the Good Day anchors decided to take things into their own comedic hands.

  • 4518346_G

    First Day Of School

    It's back-to-school time at Antelope Creek Elementary, and some kids who are got dropped off...

  • 4519102_G

    Amy Grant Fan

    One local man says he's the ultimate Amy Grant fan and he needs your help to win a big contest!


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