Show Info. – 10/30/17

Daily List: 5 Things to Always Buy at the Dollar Store
Still haven’t been able to talk yourself into shopping at a dollar store? You might find the latest best-seller there! On the Daily List, five extreme bargains at the Dollar Store!

On CW31

Cambi Crashes
Big Red Worm Co.
7281 Natomas Rd. in Elverta

Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

“Superior Donuts”
Second Season Premiere Tonight
On CBS13

Multi-Cultural Wrapping Paper

Heart + Soul Coffee
Open M – F
7am – 3pm
930 11th St

Shelter Fam Costumes

Next Move Sacramento
Social Media:


Outside In Glamping

Say What?

Funsport Bikes
1533 E Briggsmore Ave.

Manly Minute: 4 Rules for Fall & Winter Skin Care
Getting and keeping skin healthy and hydrated can feel like an uphill battle at any time of the year, but it’s especially brutal during winter. You typically don’t realize you need an extra dose of moisture until it’s too late, and by then, the season’s weather is usually well on its way to wreaking havoc on your already dry, tight, flaky skin. The best way to ensure that you are hydrated in the winter is to start a regimen in the fall and stick with it.
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