Injured 4-Month-Old Bear Cub Rescued Near Emerald Bay

EL DORADO COUNTY (CBS13) – A four-month-old bear cub is in a much safer place thanks to the quick thinking and fast actions of some rescuers.

Back on the Fourth of July, the cub was spotted south of D.L. Bliss State Park on Highway 89 – just north of Emerald Bay, with two large cuts on her back leg.

bear rescue 1 Injured 4 Month Old Bear Cub Rescued Near Emerald Bay

The injured bear cub after being rescued. (Credit: Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care)

Park rangers notified Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care about the injured cub. After getting permission from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, rescuers from the group were out to take the cub in.

bear rescue 2 Injured 4 Month Old Bear Cub Rescued Near Emerald Bay

Rescuers got to work on the Fourth of July to get the cub some help. (Credit: Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care)

Vets were able to clean her wounds and fix her up. The cub had suffered two lacerations to her rear right leg.

The cub will now be raised with three other cubs in captivity until she is old enough to care for herself in the wild.

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