SACRAMENTO (CBS) — Landing on the cover of Time Magazine is an impressive accomplishment, and President Trump actually has a cover featuring himself.

It’s hanging at four of his golf courses. The only problem is that the cover is a fake.

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The cover features headlines like, “The Apprentice is a smash!” and “Trump is hitting on all fronts… Even TV!”

It’s dated March 1, 2009, but there was no magazine issued on that date, and Time Magazine has confirmed the covers are fake.

There are several signs on the phony cover that give it away, say experts.

“The design is all wrong,” said Washington Post Reporter David Fahrenthold. “If you know Time Magazine’s design, you can tell from a bunch of different reasons: the thinness of the border, the placement of the headlines.”

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Time Magazine says it has asked the Trump organization to remove the fake cover from the golf clubs.

White House officials say they can’t comment on Trump golf club decor.

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