PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) – A man is wanted for allegedly stealing a backpack and wedding ring from Ricky Best, one of the two men killed in the May 26th attack on the light rail train.

Portland police say Best’s family realized the items were missing while making funeral arrangements Thursday. While reviewing surveillance video of the crime scene, police determined the bag had been stolen, reports CBS Portland affiliate KOIN-TV.

The suspect was caught on video carrying Best’s black backpack off of the train.

The suspect was also carrying another backpack but police said they don’t know who it belongs to.

There were personal items important to Best’s family in the backpack, including contact information for people Best served in the Army with. His family wants that information so they can get in touch with them.

“They’ve suffered an immense loss and this is just one more layer of tragedy to their already awful experience,” Sgt. Pete Simpson said, adding that it was “really an unconscionable act” and “awful scenario for this family.”

Best, a 53-year-old army veteran, was stabbed to death after standing up for two girls being verbally assaulted by a man on the train. He was an Army veteran and father of 4.

Simpson said the news has angered detectives involved with the attack investigation.

“Everybody that’s learning about this in the police bureau wants to find this person, wants this property back for these family members who suffered an incredible loss,” Simpson said.

Police are hoping the thief has some humanity, as Simpson put it, and will see that he has stolen something priceless and return it.

“We really kind of want to lean on the humanity if there is any there,” Simpson said. “Turn yourself in, bring the property back so this family can have it.”

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