Daily List: 3 Ways to Donate Your Old Books

Allergy Eyes
Watery, itchy, red eyes. You might THINK you have allergies, but it could be something completely different! A local VSP network doctor explains what you could actually be suffering from and the treatment that can help you find relief.

Visions Optometry
525 Fulton Ave. #300

Mom Hacks
Toys R Us is here with some awesome and super simple hacks to help make life just a little easier for mom.
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Bueno Sport & Swim Mobile Boutique
You don’t have to go far to find the best athletic or swimwear. It can come to you!  Bueno Sport and Swim is a mobile boutique that is changing the game by delivering cute workout gear and swimsuits right to you.

Auto Vault
Looking for a car part? need a place to store your car? we’ve got just the place! the auto vault…kind of like a car concierge!

Memorial Day Travel

  • Spotlight: Planning Memorial Day Travel!! Get to it: prices won’t drop between now and late May (especially at popular destinations).
  • Seasonality: best bargains where demand softens in summer, inc. mountain resorts and tropical destinations.
  • Stay longer: prices highest Sat.-Mon., but staying 1/2 days longer brings pricing on airfare and hotels down.
  • Road trip it: though slightly higher than 2016, gas prices seeing unusual drop leading to Memorial Day.
  • The international factor: the US dollar is strong.


Veterans’ Awareness Ride
A convoy of motorcyclists representing the National Veterans Awareness Organization will be greeted at the Auburn Veterans’ Memorial Hall before they begin their annual pilgrimage from Auburn to Washington D.C.

SeaWorld Penguins

Folsom City Works Day
Climb aboard a fire engine, sit in the driver’s seat of a garbage truck, meet police officers and more at Folsom’s annual City Works Day!
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Dishin’ With Tina: Boolu Eatery
3200 Fulton Avenue

Dancewear Company
This company says they’re the third largest online dancewear company and they’re located in Natomas. We’ll check it out and see how many dance styles we can get represented.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shopdanzia
Twitter: https://twitter.com/shopdanzia
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shopdanzia/


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