If you’re heading up to Grass Valley this National Vietnam Veterans Day, you might catch a glimpse of a display honoring veterans.

Perched on a hillside off of Highway 20/49, just north of the Dorsey Drive Interchange, stands a 12-foot mural of a helmet on top of an inverted rifle and empty boots. On it is written, “All gave some, some gave all.” On those hang giant metal dog tags.

Lloyd Young, manager of Old Barn Self Storage had the tribute commissioned to honor all who served during the Vietnam War.

“We hope with this project to encourage people to continue to show respect to our military and their families,” Young said. “Especially the families – they have it hard,” he said.

The display is a personal tribute for both Young and the display’s creator, Steve Liserra. Young entered the U.S. Army Infantry in 1971 and continued in the Army Reserves. Liserra served in the National Guard starting in 1969.

“I owned those boots,” Liserra said. “I had that rifle.”

Old Barn also honors World War II veterans with a reproduction of the iconic photo from the battle of Iwo Jima.

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