SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The Sacramento Police Department was denied a request to withhold video of a gun battle between their officers and an armed suspect.

The city council reached the decision that there was no reason to keep 23 videos and nearly six hours of footage from a February shooting from the public.

On February 10, police tried to arrest 28-year-old Armani Lee, who was under surveillance and suspected in another shooting earlier in the month. When officers moved in, Lee fired.

The officers were able to get out of the way unharmed but not before returning fire, hitting Lee several times.

Lee survived.

“They just need to bit the bullet and show the video,” said one person at the meeting.

The decision was the first under a new policy passed late last year by the council to increase transparency within the department. It requires the department to release video of the critical incidents within 30 days.

The police department’s request for an extension was denied.

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