FAIRFIELD (CBS13) – A Good Samaritan ran to the side of a young woman after a horrific crash on Interstate 80 that almost took the teen’s life.

Antonetta Miller Roman, 19, doesn’t remember much from that rainy night in January when she crashed on I-80 in Fairfield, except getting out of her car on the highway to go check on the other driver involved.

“I went and asked the other guy if he’s OK. and he said yes. That’s the last thing I remember,” she said.

But just seconds later a third car slammed into her.

“I know I almost lost her that night on the highway,” said Antonetta’s mom, Trina Pasion.

What Antonetta knows now is that a total stranger driving westbound that same night was compelled to stop.

“All I could think was run, get to her. I looked down, she looked up and our eyes met, and she said I want my mom,” said Cissy Horne.

Shielding Antonetta’s body from oncoming traffic, Horne wrapped herself around the teen until medics arrived.

“I think I even said I have a child your age, I’ve got you. I needed her to know I had her, I loved her, and I’m gonna keep her safe,” said Horne.

In the span of 14 days, Antonetta had 11 surgeries. Doctors had to amputate part of her right leg.

“I know they tried everything they could. I just couldn’t believe it, I wasn’t ready,” said Antonetta.

Cissy not only found the family, but was there at the hospital to comfort them almost every other day.

“I know she came and visited me, I remember the stuffed animals she brought. We just clicked, she’s pretty much just like my mom,” said Antonetta.

A traumatic incident has now forever changed the life of two total strangers.

“I’m just happy that she was there and did exactly what my mom would have done, if she was with me,” said Antonetta.

“They are my family, we’re gonna go through this together. Her life that night was worth mine, no doubt,” said Cissy.

Cissy actually lives in Napa but drives down to visit often. In fact, they’re all planning a little getaway together to make sure they keep Antonetta’s spirit’s high.

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