Daily List: 3 Tips for Traveling With Your Significant Other
Traveling requires you to pack more than a change of clothes – you’ve got to pack your patience, especially when you’re traveling with your spouse! On the Daily List this morning, three tips for traveling with your significant other so you still like each other when you get home!
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Pups and Pints
Enjoy a beer and help a great cause! Deuce Mason is at Barwest learning about how they’re raising money for the Front Street Animal Shelter!

Instagram: @Mybarwest
Facebook: Mybarwest

Sworkit Kids
Work out with Sworkit!  It’s a FREE fun fitness app for kids! Who says you can’t have fun while getting in exercise? Melissa’s live with the Adventure Club kids at Junction Elementary putting it to the ultimate kid test!

Sworkit Kids
Free App Google Play and Apple

Mardi Paws
Mardi gras is not only for grown-ups! This year’s dogs are getting in on the action. Local dogs will be featured in this year’s Mardi Paws Parade! the event benefits Front Street Animal Shelter. The event is for dog owners and animal lovers alike. The day kicks off with a small parade featuring dogs in costumes, on floats, and rocking traditional Mardi Gras gear. The procession will end at the 1849 scene, where event sponsors, vendors, food, drinks, a doggy play area, and more will be set up as the celebration continues festival style.

Sac Beer Week
Sac Beer Week is in full swing and the Palladio is getting in on the fun offering residents in Folsom a place to celebrate. Six venues are participating.  So, diners can test beers and bites progressive dinner style, eating and drinking their way through Palladio. Passports that get stamped entering diners into drawings for free food and drinks at Palladio restaurants.  People who share their experiences online with #PalladioBeerWeek also can win fun prizes!  Good Day is live with a look at some of the festivities.

Sac Beer Week at Palladio
March 2nd – March 12th

New Installation At Delay
This pop-up shop in Oak Park is changing up once again! Tonight they will debut the new installation: tastemakers! This morning we have a sneak peek!

First Date Friday Night
Looking for a fun Friday date night?! Head to Folsom for food, fun and live painting! The artist is getting ready for her first LIVE painting with a big message. Melissa’s live on Sutter Street in Folsom checking out her work as she starts to cover the canvas! PLUS preview the rest of the night’s big festivities!

First Friday Late Night Date Night
Historic Folsom, Sutter Street
Tonight 5-9 p.m.

Manly Minute: 5 Things About Eye Contact
We discussed the importance of eye contact and some of the reasons we don’t always feel comfortable looking someone in the eye. But just because eye contact is a great thing and a vital tool for improving the quality of all your face-to-face interactions with others, doesn’t mean that more eye contact is always better or that all eye contact is created equal. You have to do it right at the right time and in the right way. How to do that is what we’ll be exploring today. We’ll start off with a primer on how to make good eye contact in general conversational situations, and then we’ll tackle eye contact tips for specific scenarios. Let’s get started.
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