SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) – Some communities are still dealing with flooding issues in the aftermath of this week’s storms.

There’s concern about another possible levee failure at Snodgrass Slough in Sacramento County where more than a dozen homes and acres of farmland are at risk.

Crews using heavy machinery and gravel trucks appeared to be working to shore up multiple locations on the levee Friday.

The reason for concern on the levee was a hole on the north side of the bridge, caused by a beaver. The office of emergency services says the animal was discovered on Wednesday by workers, but they were called out to another slough that needed work. When they returned to work on the levee today, the hole was worse.

The beaver reportedly got away.

The Sacramento County Office of Emergency Services is urging residents living in the area bounded by Lambert Road to the north, Franklin Boulevard to the east, Lost Slough to the south, and Snodgrass Slough to the west, to prepare to evacuate their pets and livestock to higher ground.

An evacuation center has been set up at Laguna Town Hall, which is at 3020 Renwick Avenue, in West Elk Grove.

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