By Ken Rudulph

You’ve rocked the job interview and landed an offer. Way to go! Now comes the part that many dread: talking about the pay and benefits package with their potential employer. Some men want a job so bad that they’d much rather skip this discussion and accept whatever the company offers them lest they offend their potential employer and lose the opportunity. But doing so can be a costly mistake.

For many young men starting out in life, the fear of this discussion with a potential employer stems from simply not knowing what questions to ask. Sure, discussing salary is obvious, but what other things should you ask about and possibly negotiate? To find out, we talked to Doug Arms, Senior VP of Accounting Principals. Doug says there are eight basic finance questions you should ask when considering a job offer. These questions will give you the information you need for possible negotiation (something we’ll cover in a later post) or deciding to accept or decline the offer.

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