Daily List: 3 Great Jobs for Workers Over 50
People of a certain age already have a lifetime of experience — so share it! On the Daily List this morning, great jobs for workers over 50, that you’re probably already qualified for!
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Functional Juice Shots
Summer is still here. Looking for the right, refreshing summer juice? Pressed Juicery is now launching its line of 2 oz. functional shots in all stores! Morgan Ragan is checking out what these shots are all about.

All About Basil
Oh boy, it’s basil!  Did you know most of the packaged basil you see in grocery stores comes from this sweet little spot in san Joaquin Valley?  We’ll get a peek inside the operations at Ratto Bros. Farms in Modesto!  The Ratto family knows basil better than anyone and today we get a peek at how they prep, plant and harvest this hometown herb!!

Our Promise
Our Promise is gearing up for its 2016 fundraising drive. Our Promise encourages State employees across California to contribute to the non-profit of their choice.  One of these is Project Ride.  We are finding out how Our Promise got started and why so many state employees are choosing this non-profit.

Today 11am-1pm
State Capitol

Helpful Hacks
Homemade yogurt pops that are so easy, why didn’t we think of it? Good Day viewer Ross Larrabe did. We’ll show his quick hack that makes a quick, easy and healthy summer treat!

Great Kitchen Hacks to Try

Homemade Sound System
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AC3Mba7I9Js – starts at 3:22.

House Organizer
Are you an unorganized person?  Your closet is a mess, and you always buy a new bag of sugar because you can never find anything in your dirty pantry. Today, Morgan Ragan is getting tips from a professional organizer.

Fuller Eyebrows
Fuller brows are in, and if you’re looking for an alternative for waxing that can sometimes look too harsh, there is sugaring. The nice thing about sugaring is it can help you keep those fuller brows and supposedly doesn’t hurt as much as waxing. We will see about that.

SUGAR STUDIO inside Face & Body Emporium
5050 Folsom Blvd

Tesla Audio Inventions
Light Harmonic in Roseville is on the cutting edge of technology for your car audio system.  They are responsible for putting new tech into the Tesla S  model.  We’re going to the lab to see how they do it and what they have planned for the future of car and home audio systems.
10600 Industrial Ave, Suite 120
(888) 842-5988

Dishin’ With Tina
Guinevere’s Cafe & Bistro
317 Second Street

Body By Bees
Do you know what’s in your skincare?  Body by Bees is an all-natural organic body and skin line that was created by a local woman.  We are finding out what makes it so amazing and why it’s so important to know what’s going on your body.

Weird or Worth It
OSH carries some products that have taken tech from your front door to your toilet!

Manly Minute: 5 Things About Car Stereos
Cars drive by with the booming system.  It’s pretty cool to be that guy with the booming system that everyone hears when you drive by, but, there are some rules to getting great quality sound and how to wield that power without driving your neighbors insane.  Here are 5 tips for quality and respectful car stereo sound.
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