Daily List: 3 Decorating Mistakes That Have GOT to Go
It’s time to look at your home with a critical eye! There are a couple of decorating “don’ts” you might be making — at least according to the skilled designers at HGTV. On the Daily List this morning, three things to consider tossing right now.

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Fireworks Safety Demo
Fireworks can be fun but can also be dangerous!  Before you light em’ up, we’ll show you how to enjoy the 4th of July without losing a limb!!  Sac Metro demos legal fireworks and shares useful safety tips!!


Voice Academy
A group of vocal coaches is now turning youngsters into PopStars! Voice Academy is so new their grand opening isn’t even until tonight! Melissa’s live checking out the raw talent and also doing a little “bubbles” warm up! Anchors feel free to play along 🙂

Voice Academy Summer Camp
July 20th-23rd
214 Douglas Blvd., Roseville
Hours: Mon-Thursday 3-8pm or by appointment
Find us on Facebook! @caVoiceAcademy

Mommy Group
We are hanging out with a local mom who is starting up a mommy group – that focuses on MOM!

The Mommy Minutes
meet & greet
July 9th

Great Cycle Challenge
One woman, one month, one mission!  A local woman had the entire month of June to cycle 100 miles — all in an effort to fight kids’ cancer!!

DIY Home Security
Should you do your home security system yourself?  From user-installed alarm systems to motion-sensor video cameras, is a do-it-yourself alarm system right for you? Ryan Eldridge, Co-Founder of Nerds on Call is here to talk about the pros and cons, as well as some of the newest home security gadgets that could help keep your home safer.

4315 Marconi Ave.

Piper nv (https://getpiper.com/), $280
Ring Video Doorbell (https://ring.com/), $199

Driveway Dishin’
Tina is teaming up with food truck chef Keith Breedlove of Culinerdy Cruzer to treat a lucky viewer and their family to breakfast! The food truck will park on/near their driveway and cook up some yummy food!

Painlessly Build Your Savings
We all know we should be putting money aside for emergencies, retirement and your next vacation, but saving money when you don’t have a lot to spare is daunting. Ryan Eldridge, Co-Founder of Nerds on Call is bringing us new apps that make saving money painless.

Acorns App: https://www.acorns.com/
Tip Yourself: https://www.tipyourself.com/
Digit: https://digit.co/

Sticky Situations Facing Grads
The future looks bright for the class of 2016, as research shows organizations plan to hire more college graduates compared to last year!  But the search can be filled with detours and tough questions.  How new grads react to these situations can set their career on the right course, or take them off track.

Pretty In Pink Skate Night
This is not your average skate night and these are not your average girls on skates. Morgan Ragan is checking out what the Pretty in Pink Skate Night is all about.

Thursday, June 30
Foothill Skate Inn
4700 Auburn Blvd.

I’m Cute…Adopt Me!!!
Sacramento SPCA
6201 Florin Perkins Road

Two Rivers Cider Company
Two Rivers Cider Company is holding its 20th-anniversary party this evening while celebrating the grand opening of their tasting room! Morgan Ragan is getting a sneak peek of the unique tasting room and everything else that will be happening later.
@tworiverscider on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Rainsville Farms
Ever wonder when the lettuce at the grocery store was picked?  An urban farmer in Rancho Cordova can get it from plant to plate in less than 24 hours!  Rainsville Farms is using LED lights to create organic lettuce from seed to harvest. Melissa’s live as the farm to fork business is ready to ship some fresh produce out!


Tracey’s Place of Hope
Raiders legend Fred Biletnikoff and his wife Angela hosted the groundbreaking ceremony for Tracey’s Place of Hope in Loomis, Calif. Thursday. July of 2015.  Now they are finally ready for the official grand opening. A Loomis home for at-risk teenage girls will be remodeled and modernized, thanks to a partnership with the Biletnikoff Foundation.

Manly Minute: 5 Ways To Cope With Loss
When you lose someone or something very precious to you, the grief can be intense. Pain, sad memories, and unanswered questions can haunt you. You may even feel that you’ll never be the same – that you’ll never laugh or be whole again. Take heart though, there is no way to grieve without pain, but there are healthy ways to grieve which allow you to constructively move forward.

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