Daily List: Think a Hangover is No Big Deal? Think Again! 3 Myths About Hangovers
Think a Hangover is No Big Deal? Think Again! They rock your nervous system and weaken your immune system. There are lots of myths about the physical feeling that drinking too much causes – we’ve got three of them on the Daily List this morning!

Balldude/dudette Camp
The players on the field get all of the accolades but the real stars are the men and women who patrol the foul lines. They are called ball dudes and dudettes and it’s a coveted position within the Giants organization. But being selected for this elite team of spectator protectors is no easy feat.

Float Building For 4th Of July
Rancho Cordova is getting ready for their big 4th of July party. It starts with a color run and then a parade. Rancho Cordova neighbors are working on their floats and we are checking in to see their progress and help out.
Rancho Cordova 4th of July Celebration
9 am 5K color run
10 am parade and youth band competition

Hop ‘N’ Smoke House
A veteran-owned bar and grill has made its way to Lodi.

River Cats Independence Weekend
Home Games & Tons of 4th of July Events
Raley Field
Tickets & Info: 916.371.HITS (4487)

Kitchen Utensil Donation
They nourish the needy every day, but where do local organizations get the utensils to prep, cook and serve the super-sized amount of food?! Raley’s stepped up to the plate and just donated over 20,000 utensils to different charities!
The Salvation Army Distribution Center
3213 Orange Grove Ave, North Highlands, CA 95660
The Salvation Army: http://www.gosalarmy.org

Paint Studio On Wheels
A pedal-pushing Picasso! One local artist travels by two wheels all over Sacramento looking for inspiration!
Instagram: pattersontutschka

Ice Cream Taco Bar
Ice cream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream…tacos!


Summer Reading
Stribley Library is hoping to boost summer reading for youth by offering an array of fun summer activities!
Stribley Community Center
1760 E Sonora St
Stockton, CA 95205

Alexandria’s Formal Gown Rental
Getting married or going to prom and don’t want to spend a ton of money on your dress? Why not rent it instead.
632 Vernon in Roseville

Manly Minute – How To Thrive Under Pressure
The score is tied up. Only a second is left on the clock. A state championship is on the line. You step up to the foul line, dribble the ball a few times, take a deep breath, and then-swish-sink the foul shot that wins the game. That’s clutch.

Kids Unplugged
Keep your kids’ minds and body busy this summer. Pull out their headphones, step away from the computer and set aside the phones and tablets.
(916) 943-8055

Instagram @kidsunpluggedinc


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