Workouts, Cycling, Giant K-Cup Collection, and Cancer Survivors – 4/22/16

Daily List: 3 Ways to Trick Yourself into Enjoying Your Next Workout
We all know exercise is good for us, but that doesn’t make it any easier to get ourselves to the gym! You’ve gotta pull a fast one on yourself! On the Daily List this morning, three ways to trick yourself into enjoying your next workout!

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Woodcreek High Cycling
The coed team with the largest and most successful girls group in the state in cycling is right here in our area. The Woodcreek High Cycling Team is leading the state in the promotion of the sport among female athletes. In fact, they just finished first place overall in first two races of the season. Naturally, we sent Good Day’s Nha Nguyen to learn from the best on how to train and race like a pro female cyclist.,
Next race: April 23rd in Petaluma, 9:00 am

League website:

Love Modesto
This Saturday is all about LOVING your city. Over 70,500 people have been involved in 50 plus cities (starting with Modesto) and volunteering their time to help give back and LOVE their city. Today we are getting a preview of just one of the hundreds of projects that will be taking place. Wilson elementary will be painting their school and kids will be making posters showing their appreciation for their teachers. Heather Brent is with the principal and students finding out why they LOVE participating in this great event!

1000 Pink Ribbons
Over 20 businesses up and down Richards Blvd. in Sacramento are honoring breast cancer survivors. The Party Concierge team will be preparing all of the pink ribbons, bows and signs for the campaign.

Giant K-Cup Collection
Your caffeine fix is upping your carbon footprint!  In honor of Earth day, a local coffee company has created a giant display of used k-cups to show just how much waste is created with those pesky pods. We’ll check it out and reveal some greener alternatives for those of you who are obsessed with single-serve coffee!!  Plus we’ll check out the roasting room and production line at San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee Company!

Bay Area Green Tours
Happy Earth Day from the bay!  The Bay Area is known for its progressive sustainability culture, so for many of the people who live there, it’s earth day every day! Roqui is spending the morning taking “green tours” with a local bay area non-profit who invites you all to come celebrate and learn how to help the earth with them any day of the year.

(510) 517-6403

Actress/Comedian Cristela Alonzo
Tonight & Tomorrow
Punch Line Sacramento
2100 Arden Way

Not Your Average Pesto
How often do you make your own pesto? You don’t need to depend on basil to make it. Jerry James Stone, our local vegan blogger, shows how easy it is to make broccoli pesto, avocado pesto, and a carrot green pesto. Options, people! Options!

Trajan Trackers
A local elementary school is inspiring students to get fit with a creative running program they started six years ago. We’re live as they reach their 200,000-mile marker! Also, their P.E. teacher is also retiring after 30 years. He’s been there since the doors opened. We’ll join the entire student body as they cheer on the top runners from each class for the lap countdown.

Archway to Opportunity
McDonalds started a program last year called Archways to Opportunity. It helps provide financial aid for employees looking to complete their college degree or other educational pursuits. Today, we get to meet with one employee who has done very well with this program and is even close to completing a microbiology degree from CSU Stanislaus.

One Direction Car Winner
The winner of a custom-painted One Direction Honda Civic is right here in our area. Kailyn Baker says the prize was unexpected and just a small part of a bigger story about her struggle, perseverance, and triumph. Nha is live to get the story about how winning this car is helping Baker win at life.

Kailyn Baker on Instagram: @KaiBakes
Sharon Baker on Instagram: @TheCulinaryGoddess

Retro Onesies
A local designer is taking your baby from cute to chic!  “ThatGirlHarlem” fashionable onesies are perfect on this flashback Friday because they’re retro! Everything from PacMan to Lionel Richie — they’re a must-have in your diaper bag this Spring. Melissa’s live in Sacramento with babies on the “crawl walk.”


5 Factors for Getting that Job
Hiring managers typically use your résumé to determine whether you’re qualified for the job, and the interview to decide if you’re the perfect fit. Knowing that, most people take the process very seriously. They arrive to the interview on time, dress impeccably, and answer each question intelligently. But as it turns out, there’s more to it than just showing up and doing your best; there are dozens of small details that overtly or subconsciously affect the way you’re perceived. Read more

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