Tina Macuha

Tina Macuha

Email: gooddaytina@kmaxtv.com
Twitter: @TVTina_Ju

Working in radio was Tina Macuha’s dream. In high school, Tina pretended to be on the radio with her homemade station she called K-Mac. Friends and relatives didn’t take her seriously, which led Tina to believe that a job on the air would be an impossible feat. Her outlook on life changed in 1983 when her mother died from breast cancer. Her mother always encouraged her to follow her dreams so Tina changed her major for the last time and did just that.

A Sacramento native, Tina graduated with a double major in Communications and Geography from CSU, Sacramento. After graduating, she started working in radio and was on the morning show of Sacramento’s FM 102 in the early 1990′s. Tina spent a total 12 years in radio and transitioned to her television home on Good Day Sacramento when it first aired in August 1995. She can be seen every morning reporting the Sacramento, Central Valley and Bay Area commute. Tina shares her Thought of the Day by placing it next to her on the set. She awards a free lunch called Grub Run to a lucky office usually once per week. Tina also comes up with Question of the Day in order to get to know her co-workers better and enjoys stumping their music knowledge during Teen’s Tune.

In March 2000, she received the Women of Color Day 2000 Award for Caring and Responsive Journalism and as An Outstanding Woman of Color. Tina served as the on-court emcee for the Sacramento Monarchs WNBA team during the 1999, 2000 and 2001 seasons. She is a frequent speaker at local events and enjoys speaking at schools to encourage youth to follow their dreams.

In April 2009, Tina shared her breast cancer story on the show.  As a survivor, she continues to share her journey at many breast cancer events and fundraisers.  Tina loves “lunching” and checking out new restaurants, listening to music, baking sweet treats, and most of all, spending time with her daughter Carina and her family.

Tina’s Latest Segments

  • PV

    I arrived in Sac in Sept. 87 and I would listen to the radio and Mark and Tina was the first 2 people I identified as people I did like. Tina might not remember this but I first seen her at the gate of Mc Clellan giving away donuts because she lost a contest on the radio. I wish we could have became good friends coz you were nice even though I made you miss your Q to speak. Mark didn’t know what happened to you and when I apologized you just said it was alright and took it in stride. I am glad to see you have recovered and I hope to meet you and talk to you. I have seen you and said hi but that is all because I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable by approaching you to talk to you. Happy Holidays from a distant friend Paul (Write back Tina)

    • Bob

      Yep, I jumped in line here…. Teen’s Tunes with Bobby Flay. I have never felt so much like a back-asswards low-life hick until I saw his reactions to this uncomfortable part of the show. It has been “played-out” so-to-speak. Lay “Teen’s Tunes” to rest. If that’s not enough of a reason then LOOK at the body-language of the cast, AND yourself. By the way…. you seem to be doing us a favor being on the air lately. Being a past loyal viewer I know your history, and strength. I admire you for that. But, the show must go on….. GERONIMOOOOOOoooooooooooo0000000000000!!!!

      • Kari

        Please, please, pleeeeaaaasssssse…..get rid of Teen’s Tunes! Love ya but it sucks! The age difference of cast members makes it an impossible competition. That’s all I have to say about that.

  • Michael

    Hi Tina, Just wanted to thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to help us at Mather Community Campus on Thanksgiving day. I watch GDS every mornig, it IS the best morning news show in the are. Again, Thank you

  • Vince

    Tina, let me take you down memory lane just abit. Can you remember shark fishing about 2 year ago on the coast by Stinson beach or there by? Well any way my wife Lea and I were there along with the “shark man” Shane. I remember we had a good time despite the lack of any fish on a hook. The reason for my message is that I was wondering if you had a cancer foundation that you support or one that supported you through your life change. I would like to make a small donation to a local foundation that has made an impact on an individual. Someone that has made a difference in “my life” possibly through an acquaintance, friend or a memory. If your interested or would like to provide information please send a response to my e-mail and I can give you a phone# that I can be contacted at.

    Vince Gonzales

    • tinaju

      Hi Vince — sorry I didn’t see your post until today. New updated website. Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation is one of the groups I do a lot of work with. Small group helping local people. Thank you! Tina

  • ALEX

    my qustion to you is what is your favorite holiday season of the year.

  • Theresa

    Tina… I have NOTHING else to say other then YOU are the ‘ISH!!!! :o) <3

    Much Love!!

  • Mary A. Buchanan

    Tina I want to say THANK YOU for taking time out of your Thanksgiving Day to go to Mather Community Campus !! I am a student there and it really meant alot to me. That night we had a candle light vigil and one of the things I said I am gratiful for is people like you that believes in and supports Mather Community Campus and the students living there.It really does mean alot to us, .I will time out Feb 1st, but I will stay very committed and involved in Mather !!!! I have gained so much more than just employment training in the 2 yrs here it is amazing !! Thank you again Tina you are an awesome person.

  • Robin

    I just want to say goodbye…hopefully not for very long though. Each morning as I get ready for work you are there, keeping me company! But now…there is Mark Mathis grating on my nerves. Is there a higher power that can make him go away? Still love the rest of you~let me know when it’s safe to watch GoodDay again!

    • Maria Elena

      SO agree

    • Katgirl

      He reminds me of that character Lloyd Lindsey Young – CANT STAND HIM – this new guy needs to tone down a bit to fit in, if you ask me.

  • Maria Elena

    Tina I remember you from KSFM 102.5 and have always loved your wonderful personality.I have always thought you were a beautiful lady but you are even more so today.Your down to earth and more identifiable than any other celeb. Just want to take the time to say thank you for being you and all your contributions to the Sacramento area.Keep up the good work.

  • Lisa

    I love watching you and can relate to you in so many ways. You have recovered wonderfully and are a role model for me. I have always loved watching GDS until Mathis joined on. I have a couple health issues, and GDS was always a “great escape” for me with the humor and the “family-like” atmosphere. It seems, through, body language, that you may not be feeling comfortable with him, as well; I’m sure you’ve been reading the other posts. I have been trying to keep an open mind about Mathis thinking that he’s like a long-lost relative that has to be accepted as part of the family…but family can only stay so long. I’m so sorry to say, but I cannot watch GDS and will miss you and all the others I’ve grown to love. Respectfully.
    PS: you guys came to my house to see my Bulldog collection :-(

    • Irina

      TOROBUITRE808 on March 29, 2011 And are you suggesting that ppolee just pay somebody whatever they ask just because they called and demanded payment? You can make an argument that not paying a debt is a dishonorable thing and in many cases I would agree that you are right. However, wouldn’t you also consider it dishonorable for some company to buy a bunch of debt for $.02 on the dollar and then start calling ppolee demanding payment when they have no real proof these ppolee actually owe anything?

  • Katgirl

    WE LOVE YOU TINA!!!! You are brave, caring, a smart cookie and so inspirational. Keep up the great smiles and the daily words of wisdom!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!

  • Pastor Tomas and Roxanna Burgos/ Calistoga Christian Center

    Dearest Tina.
    I know you are always looking out for new things in the filipino community. I am married to the most beautiful of all filipinas my wife “The First Lady”. I wrote this song to help her recover from a recent surgery. We have a new member of the filipino family “Tinkerbell the pacemaker. She keeps my young wife in rhythm. Please feel free to use it as you wish in the new “Pinoy Christmas Choir at Good day Sacramento.

    We are so proud of you!
    Pastors Tomas and Roxanna Burgos

    Twelve Days of Pinoy Christmas
    By Pastors Tomas & Roxanna Burgos
    Ok,mostly TOMAS :D

    On the first day of Pinoy Christmas, my Lola gave to me:
    A pansit in a pine tree
    On the second day of Pinoy Christmas, my Lola gave to me:
    Two lumpias
    On the third day of Pinoy Christmas, my Lola gave to me:
    Three adobo plates
    On the forth day of Pinoy Christmas, my Lola gave to me:
    Four green cards (visas)
    On the fifth day of Pinoy Christmas, my Lola gave to me:
    Five rice cookers
    On the sixth day of Pinoy Christmas, my Lola gave to me:
    Six leche flans
    On the seventh day of Pinoy Christmas, my Lola gave to me:
    Seven pinoy vans(MPV’s)
    On the eighth day of Pinoy Christmas, my Lola gave to me: Eight balikbayan boxes
    On the ninth day of Pinoy Christmas, my Lola gave to me:
    Nine halo halos
    On the tenth day of Pinoy Christmas, my Lola gave to me: Ten cup o’noodles
    On the eleventh day of Pinoy Christmas, my Lola gave to me:
    Eleven giant spoons
    On the twelve day of Pinoy Christmas, my Lola gave to me:
    Twelve karaokes

    Merry Pinoy Christmas…Bonga, Bonga Y’all
    Created on this day December 1,2010

  • Katrina

    TINNNNAH!!! I have your warm maple syrup candles!!! let me know where and I’ll send you one … I also have Blueberry waffles for Court … I’ll hook you both up!!! Actually I’m sure I can find the address on the home page … be on the lookout ;o)

    Can be purchased at http://www.scentfullkozies.com

  • cynthia lee

    Enjoy Good Day. Watch it every morning.
    I wanted to know if you would give a plug for Caleb Greenwood’s Annual Holiday Breakfast, and Fun Run. the details are below.

    All activities at Caleb Greenwood K-8 School
    5458 Carlson Drive (River Park)
    Sacramento, CA 95816

    5K Flap Jack Fun Run
    starts at 7:00 registration
    $25 for adult/ $10 for kids/ $20 for virtual runner
    8:00 Short Stack Kids’ Run
    8:30 Flap Jack 5K Run

    Holiday Pancake Breakfast
    8:00- 11:00
    Breakfast, Santa, and more
    $6 per adult/ $5 per senior/ $4 per child

    • cynthia lee

      Opps! I forgot to tell you it’s this Saturday. December 11th.


    Tina,how can you be so hateful to the new-MARK -? why didn”t you say good morning to him like you do the others.Whats up with you guys,Cody seems like the only nice one.I told my husband,you wait and see mark will be gone before long.you guys,your better than this!I have enjoy you since the start.you were the first to laugh & ect,ect.But now you guys have your ass up in the air over the new guy. remember when you did your first job.Tina,when you were sick,we were all praying for you so why don”t you be a better person to others.And this goes for the rest of you-mariann,nick,ect.ect.-get off of him and stand up for your co-worker.i’m so up-set over this i care less if i put all the ,./., were their to be. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

    • Linda

      I’m with MARILOU. Whether you like new Mark or not, you (and the other GDS on-air staff) need to act like the professional I know you can be.

      • Marie

        I have to agree with Marilou and Linda on this. I’ve watched the show for years and have always found both Marianne and Tina to be rude and condescending.

        My granddaughter was at an event at the SPCA several years ago and ran into Tina. She was excited to see her in person and said to her “Hi Tina. I watch you on Good Day Sacramento with my grandparents”. Tina snarled her nose and gave a condescending “Uh yah” reply to my granddaughter. She tried to have a conversation with Tina, but Tina rolled her eyes and walked away.

        My granddaughter told us about it the moment she got home. Her feelings were terribly hurt. She was only 11 years old at the time. I told her not to take it personally and explained that unfortunately, there are people like that in this world and rather than be angry towards Tina, she should feel sorry for her because she must not be a very happy person. I was furious that an adult could behave this way towards a child. We’ve met “real” celebrities and have never been treated that way by any of them.

        Since that happened, I cannot bring myself to like Tina. She is phony. However, when she was going through breast cancer, I still prayed for her and wished her the best. My mother is a survivor and no matter how I feel about anyone, I could never wish them ill and still want good things for them. On the flip side of that, I wish that Tina and Marianne would leave GDS. They do not fit in well with the rest of the cast with their sarcasm and rudeness.

      • lily


      • Bob

        Marianne IS sincere. So is Nick. They look embarrassed about their co-workers and try to help resolve “issues”. They are the only reason to watch this show! REALLY!

    • Bob

      “Tina,how can you be so hateful to the new-MARK -? why didn”t you say good morning to him like you do the others.Whats up with you guys…” I’m starting to think that Tina might be a little racist…(duh!) as well. Sorry, I know what you went through (first-hand), but that doesn’t give you the right. Sympathy has gone to your head. your body-language is very negative. Your job is to entertain and inform with a smile on your face. Don’t see races, see people.


    Tina,how can you be so (hateful) to the new -MARK-?This morning he said -GOOD MORNING-to you and you act like a bitch to him.Why can’t his co-workers stand up for him,the only person i see that is nice to him is -CODY-.When you guys first started i would stand up for ya’ll when others would say they want be on the air long..This isn’t just to you ms .tina,!nick,marianna,and some of the other ladies who are also -NEW-.Tina,when you were ill we all were praying for you,why don’t you show alittle kindness to -MARK-.Do ya’ll think we can’t see?Ya’ll act like a family,i guess -MARK- is the black sheep!Get over your selfs and show your still in my eyes # one. GOD BLESS !

    • RIC

      It’s very simple–Mathis is a JERK 100%—He is ok, but not here!!Wake up!! ALL MY LOVE!

      • Craig

        I am sure plenty of people think and have thought you were and are a jerk too. You are no angel.

        Show mercy get mercy, show judgement get judgement.

  • Sacramento Jr. Cougars Cheer

    Dear Friends,

    We, the Sacramento Jr. Cougars Cheer would like to extend a hearty thank you for your generosity and hospitality.
    We appreciate the time you and your staff took to guide us ,is even more welcome.
    It is of great honor to have performed on your show with the opportunity to network with your Staff, Producers and all alike.
    The opportunity for which you allowed our girls to experience will be at the top of their accomplishments, as a team,organization and within themselves individually.
    As we make preparations for our journey to Las Vegas, we will be sure to be in communication with you and your staff to update our progress and further accomplishments.

    Thank you for making time to meet with us and for sharing your spotlight.


    Sacramento Jr. Cougars


    Folks,pls.stop kissing tina’s — ! she rolls her eyes when some one trys to talk to her,she is rude.

    • jr.

      Marilou : get off your high and mighty soap box ,grab your remote and change the channel. you seem to have issues with tina …why ? the new mark is trying to hard to fit in and needs to tone it down ,with his annoying voice and yes when he starts talking i do change the channel and return to hopefully avoid hearing him. and dont end your post with GOD BLESS when the begining of your posts are filled with anger and hate, get a life and move on .

  • Georgia

    When are you coming back to work…..I miss you


    Tina, Where are you? I haven’t seen you for a couple of week or more. Did you leave the show, or just on vacation. Hope your health is good.

  • barbara melis

    i want to congratulate on all you have overcome. your daily quips keep me optomistic when life seems to hard to handle. between my 18 year old daughter, her fifteen month old, her high school and my full time job at wal mart at watt and el camino in the claims department, its overwhelming but just to think of what you have overcome, i know i can make it through a day. too bad i dont have friends like “honey” to keep me laughing.

  • Mrs. Ward

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  • Teresa

    I have noticed that you have been gone for over a week and I was wondering if you were doing OK. I am currently undergoing chemo for breast cancer and still have surgery to look forward to. I am always interested in how you are doing. You remain in my pryaers

  • Glenda

    Tina where are you? Haven’t seen you in a couple of weeks, what did I miss?

  • kim

    this is kim you and mark married us years ago i talked to you after your cancer . i had cancer too i hope you remember me
    how are you and when are you coming back are you ok
    iam worried

  • Lee

    Tina, we miss you, when will you be back?

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