Music Minute - 10/25Jordan Segundo is a singer and he still keeps up with music industry insider information. He breaks us off a piece in today's Music Minute.
Pawn Shop InsiderThe Pawn Shop Insider has a special deal to celebrate 25 years of Good Day!
Kind ArtOur Pawn Shop Insider was on the receiving end of a random act of kindness in the form or artwork by a 12-year-old girl. Courtney spoke with both of them to get the story!
Tips From A Disney Pro Pt 2Disney expert Sydni Parcon is back in the Good Day studio with some insider tips to help you have a magical park experience!
Holiday Travel TricksThis week marks the beginning of the holiday travel season-the busiest travel season of the year. Kelly Soderlund, Travel Trends Expert at Hipmunk, has insider tips on how to save money and reduce stress on holiday travel.
Cruelty-Free MakeupA local woman has created a vegan cruelty-free makeup line and she's coming in to show off the product and give our viewers some insider tips!
Artist Open StudioAshley Williams is checking out a two day event where Modesto artists can showcase and sell their art.
Dazzle Your HolidayAshley Williams is learning how to kick off the holiday dinner with insider tips for successful entertaining dining during the holidays.
Dams in DangerTwo dams designated as critical to US security have increased risks of "insider sabotage."
Post-Grammy WrapEntertainment tonight host Kevin Frazier gives us the Grammy awards insider scoop!
Justine SantanielloBeauty and style expert, Justine Santaniello will join us for a segment to share her insider beauty and fashion secrets guaranteed to help us look our best during "sweater weather" as the temperatures drop.
Toy Insider Pt. 2Cambi is back with “Toy Insider” Marissa DiBartolo looking at more of this year’s hottest toys.
Toy InsiderThe “Toy Insider” Marissa DiBartolo is showing us this year’s hottest toys.
Pawn Shop Antique ShowCourtney is with pawn shop insider Warren Anapolsky to learn about his antique roadshow.
Best Donuts in the U.S.Wendy is checking out Mr. T’s in Modesto after making Business Insider’s top ten best donut shops in America!
Pawn Shop Insider Pt. 2High-end watches and free appraisals on family heirlooms, our pawn shop insider is hard at work this morning.
Pawn Shop InsiderCourtney is checking out some high end wrist and pocket watches.
Pawn Shop Insider Pt. 2Courtney is learning more on how to tell the difference between a real and fake designer bag.
Pawn Shop InsiderCourtney is finding out how to tell a real designer bag from a knockoff.
Beauty Expert Kate De PonteBeauty and style expert Kate De Ponte is here with us to share her insider tips on how to rock the red carpet like a celebrity.
Pawn Shop Insider Pt. 2Courtney is finding out how viewers can win $300 from a local pawn shop.
Pawn Shop InsiderCourtney is with a pawn shop insider that has unique sports memorabilia to show us this morning.
Car CzarDoug shares the insider info on auto loan delinquencies.
Run Don't Walk Deal of the Day: Insider Secrets to Price MatchingOur Chief Coupon Correspondent Melissa Cabral has scoured the Internet and sales ads to find the number one deal of the day!
Pawn Shop Insider Pt. 2Our pawn shop insider is appraising some of our viewers’ items this morning.
Pawn Shop InsiderOur pawn shop insider is already looking forward to "falling back" so he's got some priceless watches for us to take a peek at.
Comedian Michael YoMichael Yo is joining us to talk about his shows at the Punch Line tonight and his exciting new roles in the near future.
Brown Bag Throwdown Pt. 2Tina is getting insider information about what the chefs have planned for the secret recipe.
Pawn Shop Insider Pt. 2Courtney is learning how much your old comics can be worth!
Pawn Shop InsiderWe are talking cartoons with the Pawn Shop Insider!
The Insider: Oscar RecapWe are getting a full recap of last night’s award show with the people from The Insider.
The Insider Grammy’s RecapFrom the winners to the losers, we're recapping last night's Grammy awards with the hosts from the hit CW31 show "The Insider."