The Jungle BookWe're live with actor Neel Sethi who plays Mowgli in "The Jungle Book," which comes out on Blu Ray/DVD today!
Emeril LagasseWe're live with the always entertaining Emeril Lagasse to talk about his latest culinary adventure!
I Love Kelli PicklerWe're live with country sensation Kelli Pickler and her songwriter husband Kyle Jacobs to talk about season 2 of their reality tv show.
Hands of StoneWe’re live with Usher and Edgar Ramirez to tell us about their new film!
My Last DaysWe're live with actor Justin Baldoni who hosts an inspirational three-night docu-series premiering right here tonight on CW31.
Billy Ray CyrusWe're live with country music star Billy Ray Cyrus to talk about his new album and his hit series on CMT.
Anna Gunn "Equity"We're live with actress Anna Gunn about her new film "Equity" that’s coming to Sacramento in September.
Nine LivesWe're live with actor Robbie Amell who plays Kevin Spacey's son in a new film opening nationwide Friday, August 5th!
MADtvMADtv is back and we’re live with two of the comedians on the show!
Julie ChenGood Day talks to Julie Chen, host of the summer CBS hit “Big Brother!”
Ricky SchroderEveryone’s favorite child star is talking about his latest projects as an accomplished director, writer, producer, and documentarian.
Barely FamousWe're live with sisters Sara and Erin Foster who write and produce for a hilarious series on VH1.
Premiere of “Zoo”We're live with actor James Wolk who stars in the hit CBS series "Zoo!"
Actor/Comedian Shawn WayansOne of our favorite comedians is back in the studio to talk about his shows this weekend!
Shawn WayansComedian Shawn Wayans stops by the studio before taking the stage tonight at Tommy T's In Rancho Cordova!
MC HammerMC Hammer has released a music video to give fans a taste of the first-ever "hip hop home listings" that make home shopping fun.
Steven SpielbergWe’re live with the legendary film maker Steven Spielberg!
Rupaul CharlesWe’re live with the master of transformation and host of GSN’s new competition series!
Rasheed WallaceFormer NBA player Rasheed Wallace introduces early readers to his new children's book.
Julianne MooreWe're live with Academy Award winner Julianne Moore who stars in "Maggie's Plan."
Virginia MadsenWe’re live with actress Virginia Madsen who stars in the new summer series “American Gothic.”
Zootopia DVD ReleaseWe're live with actor/comedian Nate Torrence from the animated film "Zootopia."
Actor/Comedian Faizon Love Pt. 2Faizon Love is back to play “ Never Have I Ever”
The BushesWe are live with former first lady Laura Bush and her daughter Jenna Bush Hager about their new book.

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