Diane Lane - Let Him GoWe talk to Diane Lane about her new movie, Let Him Go.
Samantha Brown - Pandemic Travel AdviceMany people usually travel this time of year, but this holiday season is going to be different. Lucky for us, world travel guru Samantha Brown has some advice, and she joins Cody to tell us!
NCIS' 400th Episode! Sean Murray Joins Us...The hit CBS show "NCIS" is about to hit a major milestone with it's 400th episode! One of the stars, Sean Murray, joins Cody to tell us about the upcoming season!
Morgan MylesSinger-songwriter Morgan Myles lives in Nashville. The Pennsylvania native moved to Nashville to pursue an education and career in music. Let's meet her!
Bob Hearts AbisholaThe second season of "Bob Hearts Abishola" is off and running, and Cody gets a recap from two of the stars!
Hollywood ExesVH1 is reuniting the independent ladies of "Hollywood Exes" and Court talks with two of the stars!
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders - "Making the Team""Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team" is back as a group of hopefuls work their way to a highly-coveted spot on one of America's most iconic teams! Judy Trammell and Kelli Finglass join Courtney to talk about the new season, and the challenges they faced.
"Maskarades" with "Last Three Days'" star Deborah Lee SmithCody's got a new game called "Maskarades" and our latest participant is Star and Producer of "Last Three Days," Deborah Lee Smith! We talk about her new video-on-demand movie and play the game!
Maskarades, 9amCody Stark is talking to a special someone who is in a new movie on the Hallmark Channel. We will see who this person is and why this is really cool, but first let's play Charades!
New Season of "FBI" on CBSThe hit CBS show "FBI" is getting ready to kick off their third season! Cody's gonna have to settle for being the third most handsome guy in the room today as he talks to stars Zeeko Zaki and Jeremy Sisto about the upcoming season!
"The Neighborhood" Season 3 Premiere on CBSSeason 3 of the hit CBS show "The Neighborhood" premieres tonight on CBS 13, and the show isn't afraid to tackle difficult present-day issues with humor and heart. Stars Max Greenfield and Cedric the Entertainer join Courtney to talk about tonight's episode!
NCIS New OrleansNCIS New Orleans is back for its seventh season with an intense, two-part season premiere.
B Positive"B Positive" is a new hit comedy on CBS13 that revolves around a therapist who is faced with finding a kidney donor, and his only hope is a woman from his past. Cody talks with the stars of the show!
Space Launch - Astronaut, Peggy WhitsonNASA and SpaceX are gearing up for another historic voyage. This Saturday, the next group of humans will be launched into space. We're joined by an expert on the subject, legendary astronaut, Peggy Whitson.
The Unicorn - Walton GogginsAfter the loss of his wife, a newly single dad is doing his best to get back into the dating world, but not without lots of hilarious setbacks. Cody has more on the new season of The Unicorn.
I've Pet That Dog! It's Gideon's New Book!It's one of the best Twitter and Instagram accounts you'll ever run into! The owner of "I've Pet That Dog," Gideon Braunigan, joins Cody to talk about all of that and his new book!
Full BloomCourtney talks to some of the competitors of the new competition show, "Full Bloom", where they make the most competitive floral arrangements.
Will DowningCourtney talks to Grammy Nominated artist, Will Downing about his current project.
NCIS Los AngelesSeason 12 of NCIS LA begins Sunday, and fans are in for a wild ride! Cody chats with two of the show's stars.
Tara Strong - "My Little Pony: Pony Life"The "Mane Six" is back together again in a new My Little Pony animated series on Discovery Family! Voice artist Tara Strong (Twilight Sparkle) joins us to tell us all about the new show!
LongboyLori is with the band "Longboy" as they show us a quick jam.
A REAL Broadway Star Judges our Costumes!We've had a lot of fun dressing up Broadway style for our Halloween show today, and it's only fitting we get a REAL LIFE Broadway star to get all judgey on us! Tony Award winning Broadway actress Stephanie J. Brock joins Cody to talk about Broadway being shut down, it's future, and to declare a winner in our costume contest!
Mary Gutzi - Broadway Star!She's performed on Broadway in shows like "Les Miserables", "Ragtime", and the U.S. touring production of "Cats." Mary Gutzi joins Jordan to class this place up, and teach us how to move and act like cats!
World's Funniest Animals on CW31 - Garrett ClaytonVery few celebrities can out-handsome our own Cody Stark, but we think we found one! Garrett Clayton (and his huskies) is hosting this week's "World's Funniest Animals" on Friday on CW31 and he joins Cody to tell us all about it!

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