"Adam Eats The 80's" Star Adam Richman Joins Us!The History Channel is biting through Sunday nights with food author and culinary entrepreneur Adam Richman as he travels the country reliving his childhood and tasting some of the most iconic and forgotten foods of the 1980s in the new half-hour series “Adam Eats the 80s!” Adam joins Cody and Court to tell us more about the show!
Grammy Nominee Cheri Moon Joins Us!2022 Grammy Nominee Cheri Moon joins Cody to discuss her first-ever Grammy nomination for “Best Children’s Music Album” with the group One Tribe Collective!
Big Brother Winner!We talk to the newest winner of Big Brother: Miesha Tate! See what she has to say about her experience on being on Big Brother.
1883 Season FinaleWe talk to LaMonica Garrett, the star of 1883, and he gives us a sneak peek of the season finale that airs next week
James Grixoni Joins Us!If you saw the reboot of "Twin Peaks," you'll recognize James Grixoni! Now he has a new film, "Potato Dreams of America," and he joins Cody to talk about the film and where his career is taking off to!
"Euphoria" Star Alana Ubach Joins Us!Alana Ubach currently stars in "Euphoria" on HBO, but she's done SOOOO much more, and she joins Cody to talk about ALL of it!
Amelia KinkadeCody talks to Amelia Kincade about working on "The Golden Girls". See what experiences she shares and how you can be a part of "Golden-Con"
Rudy PankowRudy Pankow from Uncharted(in theaters now!) and Outer Banks joins our show!
Garrett ClaytonHe's a talented actor with some special news to share. Cody chats with Garrett Clayton.
"All American: Homecoming"The stars of The CW's "All American: Homecoming" give us a sneak peek of next week's show!
"Black Ink Crew" ReturnsThe crew is back from coast to coast! We talk with Ceaser Emanuel about the return.
Big Nate on Paramount+We got to chat with the stars of Paramount + new original series, BIG NATE, Ben Giroux (Nate Wright) & Bryce Charles (Dee Dee Holloway)!
Fairview on Comedy CentralJames Austin Johnson and Aparna Nancherla join us to discuss their new show Fairview!
Puppy Bowl XVIIIThere is something for everyone and if football does not interest you, the Puppy Bowl is sure to entertain! We got to chat with Ruff-eree Dan Schachner ahead of everyone’s favorite game.
Adults Adopting AdultsThe new 10-episode series, Adults Adopting Adults, follows six incredible stories of adults seeking legal adoption of other adults for either a sincere desire for a true family experience or perhaps more questionable motives. We got to speak with one of the people featured in the series, Prince Frederic von Anhalt.
"Love & Hip Hop: Lineage To Legacy"We talk to the stars of "Love & Hip Hop: Lineage To Legacy" as they give us a sneak peek of their new show!
Julie Chen MoonvesJulie Chen Moonves joins us to talk about the new season of Celebrity Big Brother.
Ciaran HindsCiaran Hinds joins us and gives us a preview of his new Comedy-Drama, "Belfast".
Isabel MayWe were joined by 1883 star Isabel May to talk all about the new series!
Alan TudykAlan Tudyk joined us to discuss the return of SYFY's Resident Alien.
"NCIS: Hawaii" Stars Join Us!The hit CBS show "NCIS: Hawaii" drops a new episode this coming Monday! Stars Alex Tarrant and Jason Antoon join Jordan to talk about the show!
American Dad - Rachael MacFarlane and Dee Bradley BakerAmerican Dad returns for its 17th season this Sunday, and we get a look at what's coming!
I Am Shauna RaeDon't let her size fool you, because she has a huge personality! We talk with Shauna Rae and her mother, Patty.
Toni Trucks - Seal TeamThe season five finale of Seal Team is getting ready to drop this Sunday, so we chat with Toni Trucks about what we can expect.

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