Talented (and local!) 15-year breakout star Miya Cech joins Cody to talk about the theatrical release of her new movie "Marvelous and the Black Hole!"

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"Masters Of Illusion" - Murray SawChuck Joins Us!Another thrilling episode of "Masters of Illusion" airs this weekend on the CW! Magician Murray SawChuck joins Cody and John to talk about the show, and as always, do a little magic for us!
Comedian Zarna Garg Joins Us!Comedian Zarna Garg is best known for her hit shows, “My American Dream” and “Sari, Not Sorry,” and currently performs for sold-out audiences all over the country! She's going to be in our area soon, and she joins Cody and John to talk about her show!
Golden Girls KitchenBeginning in July, pull up a chair to "The Golden Girls Kitchen!" This custom, detailed dining experience is inspired by the girls' favorite iconic Miami hangout, as well as other memorable moments from the beloved franchise. Derek Berry, the mind behind the kitchen, joins Cody to tell us as much as he can about the location before it opens!
"Naked At The Knife-Edge" Author Joins Us!Summiting Mt. Everest is one of man's greatest challenges, and Vivian James Rigney has accomplished this amazing feat! He joins Cody to talk about his book, "Naked at the Knife-Edge."
"The Omega Factor" Author Steve Berry Joins Us!The Ghent Altarpiece is the most violated work of art in the world. Thirteen times it has been vandalized, dismantled, or stolen. Why? What secrets does it hold? Find the answers in the new stand-alone Steve Berry thriller, "The Omega Factor." Steve joins Cody to talk about the book!
Garrett ClaytonGarrett Clayton is back to celebrate pride month, talk about his podcast on Spotify, and tell us about a new short film!
Husein Madhavji On "Star Trek"From a Good Day Sacramento reporter to a big time actor, Husein Madhavji joins us and talks to us about acting on "Star Trek"!
"Jerry And Marge Go Large" This Friday On Paramount+"Jerry and Marge Go Large" premieres this Friday on Paramount+, it tells the amazing story about two lottery winners, but there's SO MUCH MORE to the story! Lindsay Rootare ("Mindy") joins Cody to talk about the film!
"The Walking Dead" Star Ross Marquand Joins Us!Sinister Creature Con RETURNS to the Scottish Rite Center, and one of the featured guests is the GREAT Ross Marquand! Ross is not only a "Walking Dead" star but he does some spot-on impressions! Ross joins Cody to talk about his upcoming appearance, and also to do some on-the-spot impressions!
"Illustrated Al" - Weird Al Yankovic Graphic Novel"The Illustrated Al: The Songs of "Weird Al Yankovic" is a graphic novel that unites Weird Al's music with a treasury of cartoonists including Peter Bagge, Bill Plympton, and more to interpret his hilarity into sequential art! Josh Bernstein with z2 Comics joins Cody to tell us more!
"Masters Of Illusion" Magician Chipper Lowell Joins Us!Chipper Lowell from the CW's "Masters of Illusion" joins us to talk about the show and, as always, amaze us with an illusion!
"Stranger Things" Star Joe Chrest Joins Us!"Stranger Things" has kicked off Season 4 on Netflix, and Joe Chrest ("Ted Wheeler") joins Cody to talk about the new season!
"Star Trek: Prodigy" Star Bonnie Gordon Joins Us!Bonnie Gordan plays the voice of the computer on the "Star Trek: Prodigy" on Nickelodeon and Paramount+ . In Star Trek lore this is a HUGE deal, Majel Barrett (Gene Roddenberry's wife) voiced the computer for the majority of Trek Shows ad now Bonnie has picked up the mantle! Bonnie joins Cody to tell us about the show, and ALSO a music project coming up!
"Miz & Mrs."We talk to WWE superstars The Miz and The Mrs. about their new show and their everyday occurrences. They give us a sneak peek at their upcoming new show!
"Masters Of Illusion" - Rob Lake Joins Us!"Masters of Illusion" magician Rob Lake joins us to talk about the show this upcoming weekend, and as always, amaze us with an illusion!
Jered James Nichols Joins Us!Guitar GOD Jered James Nichols is in town this weekend at Folsom Saloon! He joins Cody to talk about the upcoming concert, and also to MELT SOME FACES!
Danica PatrickIndycar and NASCAR star Danica Patrick joins us to talk about the Indy 500 and what foods would go well to eat while watching the Indy 500 this weekend.
"Stranger Things" Star Sherman Augustus Joins Us!The smash Netflix hit "Stranger Things" is headed into season 4 next week, and Sherman Augustus (Lt. Col. Sullivan) joins Cody to talk about the new season!
"Young Sheldon"Cody talks to the stars of "Young Sheldon" as they give us a sneak peek of this season's finale!
"Spamilton" Star Jessica Val Ortiz Joins Us!Oh, they're not just spoofing "Hamilton!" No musical is safe in this hilarious send-up of the hit Broadway play! Jessica Val Ortiz (she plays ALL THREE Schuyler sisters, with the help of puppets) joins Cody to tell us about the show, and where you can see it!
Jackie Christie!Jackie Christie (Wife of Former Kings Player" from "Basketball Wives" joins us today and gives us a sneak peek on their newest season of "Basketball Wives". See how this season is giving you something you need to see!
Ronnie RoweCody talks to the star of "The Porter", Ronnie Rowe as he gives us a preview of Bet+'s newest show. See what he has to say about starring in this fabulous show!
Laya DeLeon HayesLaya DeLeon Hayes joins us and gives us a sneak peek at this season's "The Equalizer" finale. See what she has to say about working with Queen Latifa and what's coming up in the next 2 seasons!
Greg "Tarzan" Davis Talks To Good Day Sacramento About Acting in "Top Gun: Maverick"After surprising us by being in the Good Day Sacramento studios, Greg "Tarzan" Davis shares his experiences being in "Top Gun: Maverick". He tells us about the training Tom Cruise put the actors through and what it was like flying in the F/18 Super Hornet making the film. "Top Gun: Maverick" is in theaters May 27th.

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