We talk to Twisted Sister's Jay Jay French about ending prostate cancer and the importance of getting checked. See his inspirational movement to help prevent and cope with prostate cancer.

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Actress Lisa Durupt Joins Us!It's Holiday Movie Season on Hallmark Channel and Lifetime, and Lisa Durupt has new movies coming out on BOTH channels! She joins Cody to talk about "Christmas With A Crown" and "Time For Them To Come Home For Christmas!"
Lena HallWe talk to Broadway superstar Lena Hall and how she's performing in San Francisco! See how you can check her out this weekend!
"Ayar" Star Adriana Ron Pedrique Joins Us!A new film made during the pandemic is generating a lot of buzz, and it's available this week! Adriana Ron Pedrique stars in "Ayar," and she joins Cody to tell us about the movie!
Taye DiggsWe talk to Taye Diggs about his new variety show, "The Black Pack: We Three Kings" debuting on the CW!
Kim FieldsYou've seen her on hit shows like "Facts of Life" and "Living Single"! Kim Fields joins us to give us a sneak peek at her new movie on coming to VH1, "Adventures in Christmasing". This is a movie that you can't miss!
Actor Chloe Traicos On 'Introducing Jodea'Chloe Traicos joins us to talk about her new film "Introducing Jodea".
Richard ThomasCody talks to an all time favorite: Richard Thomas! He gives us preview of "The Waltons' Homecoming" coming out November 28th!
"Star Trek: Discovery"Cody is geeked out and talking to the stars of "Star Trek: Discovery". They give us a sneak peek at Season 4 and what we can expect!
A Clusterfunke ChristmasJohn Dabkovich talks to the stars of Comedy Central's, "A Clusterfunke Christmas"! They give us a sneak peek of this hilarious movie! See when you can watch this awesome flick!
"A Little Kinder" Podcast Hosts Join Us!The world could use a little more kindness these days (that's an understatement), and a new podcast aims to help! Hosts of the new "A Little Kinder" podcast, Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood, the "Harry Potter" films) and Daniella Monet ("Victorius" on Nick) join Cody to tell us about it!
"Young Sheldon"We talk to Montana Jordan and Annie Potts about the new season of "Young Sheldon". They spill the tea on season 5 of "Young Sheldon"!
"A Loud House Christmas" on NickelodeonThe Loud Family is splitting up this Christmas, but not if LIncoln has anything to say about it! "A Loud House Christmas" is a live-action movie based on the Nickelodeon animated series, and two of the stars join Courtney to tell us about the movie!
"A Kiss Before Christmas"We talk to the stars of Hallmark's new holiday show, "A Kiss Before Christmas". Check out what Terri Hatcher and James Denton have to say about their new movie!
The RumperbuttsCody talks to Josh and Marc Brener about their newest project: "The Rumperbutts" See what they got to say about making this funny film.
Annaleigh AshfordCody talks to Annaleigh Ashford, the star of CBS' hit show "B Positive"! She gives us a sneak peek of this season and performs a duet with Cody!
"Star Trek: Prodigy" Stars Join Us!The new animated "Star Trek" series on Paramount Plus is in full swing, and Cody is talking to two of the stars of "Star Trek: Prodigy!"
Ray Parker, Jr.THE Ray Parker, Jr. joins us live to discuss his iconic song "Ghostbusters" and how it has stood the test of time!
Meredith VieiraMeredith Vieira joins us to give us a sneak peek on the upcoming season of "25 Words or Less". See how this show's popularity has increased over the years!
"Hightown" Star Crystal Lee Brown Joins Us!With roles in "Black Lightning," "Mindhunter," and "The Good Lord Bird," Crystal Lee Brown is keeping busy! She joins Cody to talk about Season 2 of her latest show, "Hightown!"
Jeremy Ray TaylorCody talks to the kid of "IT", and now the star of the ABC special, "Big Sky". Jeremy Ray Taylor shares with us his experience filming "IT" and "Big Sky".
Merryl TengesdalFormer U2 pilot, retired colonel and reality tv star - Merryl Tengesdal can now add author to her resume. We'll chat with her about her new book - Shatter the Sky!
"Demigod" Actress Elena Sanchez Joins Us!Elena Sanchez has proved that she can do it all, from acting to stunt work in numerous Hollywood productions! Her latest film is "Demigod," and she joins Cody to talk about it!
The Morning ShowJohn Dabkovich talks to Greta Lee about the Apple TV+ hit show as she gives us a sneak peek as to what's you're going to see this season.
"Tough as Nails" Host Phil Keoghan Joins Us!The latest season of "Tough as Nails" is off and running on CBS (and streaming on Paramount Plus), and host Phil Keoghan joins John and Courtney to tell us about the new season!

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