Car CzarOur automobile expert telling you what NOT to do on your next road trip.
Car CzarDoug Brauner is showing you the air conditioning scam you need to avoid.
Car Czar Pt. 3Doug is here to answer your Facebook questions!
Car Czar Pt. 2We’re showing you why we’re all at risk with our vehicles and how we can protect ourselves.
Car CzarLincoln is back with a hot-selling SUV that is turning a lot of heads!
Car CzarDoug Brauner is answering a Facebook question about your car's axle!
Car Czar Pt. 3Doug shares the do’s and don’ts of automotive maintenance.
Car Czar Pt. 2Doug answers your Facebook questions live on air.
Car CzarDoug shares the must know details on what you really need to look for every time you get into a Lyft or Uber.
Car Czar Pt. 3Doug answers your Facebook questions live!
Car CzarDoug the Car Czar is teaching us how to properly install chains!
Car Czar Pt. 3Doug is live answering Facebook questions!
Car CzarDoug serves a reality check about the difference between what automakers say and the truth regarding your vehicle.
Car CzarJoin Doug as he drops some expert car knowledge all over the studio.
Car Czar On The Road Pt. 3Car Czar On The Road Pt. 3
The Car Czar: Breaking In A New CarThe Car Czar: Breaking In A New Car
Car Czar: Food To FuelCar Czar: Food To Fuel
Car Czar Help You Find LoveCar Czar Help You Find Love
Car CzarCar Czar
Detroit Auto Show Day 2 PT.3Detroit Auto Show Day 2 PT.3
Detroit Auto Show Day 2 Pt.2Detroit Auto Show Day 2 Pt.2
Detroit Auto Show Day 2Detroit Auto Show Day 2
Detroit Auto ShowDetroit Auto Show
Car Czar In Detroit Pt.3Car Czar In Detroit Pt.3

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