Car Czar: Chrysler ScandalDoug is filling us in on the Fiat Chrysler scandal that’s making headlines.
Car Czar Pt. 3Doug is answering our viewers’ questions.
Car Czar Pt. 2Doug explains the three simple things you must know before you buy anything for your car.
Car Czar: New Ford BroncoDoug is back! Doug gives his take on the new Ford Bronco and revisits his recent trip to the hospital.
Car Czar Pt. 3We’re on Facebook answering all of your car related questions!
Car Czar Pt. 2Doug reveals the top three auto repair mistakes mechanics make!
Car CzarWe’re with Doug checking out a crossover SUV that he has publicly criticized and finding out what made him change his mind about it.
Car Czar Pt. 3Our favorite Car Czar is passionately furious this morning about helping people out.
Car Czar Pt. 2: New SubaruDoug is revealing the all new Subaru.
Car Czar: Inflating TiresDoug is teaching us how to properly inflate our car tires.
Car Czar Pt. 3Doug is here to answer your Facebook questions.
Car Czar Pt. 2The car czar offers his annual evaluation of the car business that will surely affect what kind of car your buy in 2017.
Car Czar: Auto Title LoansDoug is telling us the real story behind so-called “auto title loans.”
Car Czar Pt. 3Doug is answering your holiday Facebook questions live.
Car Czar Pt. 2Doug has the top 5 used cars on the market.
Car CzarWith tomorrow being the busiest automotive travel rush in 9 years, Doug is giving us tips on how to make it to grandma's house in time for Thanksgiving.
Car Czar Pt. 3Doug is showing you how to save a minimum of 25% on your next visit to the mechanic.
Car Czar Pt. 2The Car Czar is answering your Facebook questions live!
Car CzarThe Car Czar shares the cars that rated the lowest on resale and investment return.
Car Czar Pt. 3Doug is answering your Facebook questions this morning.
Car Czar: All New LincolnOur Car Czar is introducing the all new Lincoln.
Car Czar: Dangerous Automobile InformationDoug is getting serious this morning to tell us about a life-threatening safety hazard that’s putting our lives at risk.
Car Czar Pt. 3Doug answers your Facebook questions live!
Car Czar Pt. 2It's one of the smallest and most popular cars on he road, all while possibly being the least desirable.

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