Dina talks to Dina...The DogOur own Dina Kupfer shows us Dina the Cattle Dog. Who, by the way, is up for adoption.
Woodland Holiday Lights WinnerPhotographer Dave Grashoff gives us our last look of Woodland's Holiday Lights Winner.
Pairing Wines With Comfort FoodsTina talks to a wine connoisseur about pairing your wine with comfort foods.
Budget-Friendly Meals for 2021Long time Good Day guest Chef Mason Partak shows us how having chili everyday of the week can help you be budget friendly.
Show and TellTina shows us her leaf blowing skills and puts her back into it!
Budget-Friendly Meals for 2021 by MasonHe first appeared on Good Day in 2013 and he was 9 years old. Now he's 17 years old and all grown up! Mason the the chef shows us what meals you can make that won't break your budget for this new year.
Rockit Music GearTina talks to a local Entrepreneur as she showcases her new music gear!
Trivia ToastTest your knowledge! Today's Trivia is things that DO NOT belong.
Say Goodbye To These WordsJohn talks to the CEO or Writer and she explains to us what words we should stop using.
Cheese, Wine and MoreLori is in Sacramento showing us where you can get your Cheese and Wine (and more!) fix!
Healthy HomeCourtney talks to a home improvement and lifestyle expert about having a clean and healthy home to start this new year.
Dave Grashoff Sings "Here Comes the Rain Again"...IncorrectlyWhile our photographer Dave Grashoff was driving Rover in the rain, Tina asked him to sing the song "Here Comes the Rain Again" from the Eurythmics. Listen to HIS rendition of the song!
Mocha Magic Cafe and BakeryTina talks to Mocha Magic in Modesto where they have your delicious treats and guilty pleasures.
Hobby QuestLori is in Elk Grove showing us its newest store that has the latest games for the gamers, cards, and everything pop culture.
Leaf Raking CompetitionTina's turn!
TravelzooGabe joins us for another look at some hot holiday destinations.
Capriotti's Sandwich ShopMMMMMMM mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm!
Positive Vibes! -1/3We like to make you smile! Jordan is here with some Positive New Year's Vibes!
Love Lincoln - Simple Pleasures Restaurant and CateringThe city of Lincoln wants you to come on over and show their local businesses a little love! Kevin Hernandez is at Simple Pleasures Restaurant and Catering with owner Diana Burke to show us what they have to offer!
Hair Care Magic - Weaves and WigsWigs and Weaves are a fun way to change up your look, but are you caring for them properly? Tonya Thompson and Sharie Wilson join Ashley to share some tips!
This Segment Blows - 1/3, Rakes EditionWho is the best at using a rake?
Travelzoo - 1/3Gabe Saglie with Travelzoo returns to give us hope for travel in 2021!
Teen's Tune - 1/3Songs that Tina likes!
Denio's Farmer's MarketIn addition to the many treasures you might find at the swap meet, Denio's also has local and fresh produce! Kevin Hernandez was there live checking it out.

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