'Faithful' AppCourtney talked to the religious leader about how you can fulfill exercise your faith using this app.
7:10 ToastTime to toast, people! This one is for the ages: Tina did a sorority chant, Julissa had her mouth agape, and our lovely Tom the Engineer made a rare appearance!
Question of the DayToday's Question of the Day: What do you like to Dip Dip?
Fondue Part DeuxTina showed some creative ways to make fondue.
Sprucing Up Your PlaceCourtney talks to a local decorator and how you can spruce up your living space after the holidays.
Show and TellCourtney shows us a fashion model that happens to be a dog...what??
Getting Fancy with FondueTina is in Citrus Heights learning how to make Fondue! See how it's done and how you can be a part of it!
Pandemic Pivot Photo BusinessDina is with a former wedding planner who pivoted her business into product photography for those who have online businesses.
Product PhotographerDina is with Kelsey Baker, a local photographer that has pivoted her business to accommodate for the pandemic by taking pictures of products instead of people.
Supporting Restaurant WorkersJulissa talks to Mark and Caroline of Sienna Restaurant in Roseville about how they're helping furloughed restaurant employees during this pandemic.
Elk Grove Restaurant WeekLori is in Elk Grove showing us how you can be a part of Restaurant Week in Elk Grove, getting great food while supporting local.
Trivia ToastToday's Trivia Toast: Nature...Plus Tina speaks with pilipino accent.
MuteMeHave you ever been on a Zoom call and THINK you were on mute, and you really weren't? Or the person on the other end was on mute but they didn't know they were? Julissa is with the creators of "MuteMe", an illuminated Mute button made so that you know when you're muted or not.
Just Keep CraftingCourtney talks to a Stockton resident that started her own crafting business.
Gone Grazey!Lori is in Sacramento showing us the newest box delivery service for those charcuterie connoisseurs
Question of the DayToday's question What person, place or thing draws you in social media?
The Fruit Yard Pt 2We're at The Fruit Yard in Modesto and take a look and see what delicious dishes their restaurant has to offer!
Sweaty Shelly Dance StudioDina is at Sweaty Shelly dance studio in Sacramento showing us how you can get your kids to have fun and dance!
Show and TellSee what the anchors want to show you today!
Trivia ToastTest your knowledge with today's trivia: Boy Bands
Lodi CycleryLori is at Lodi Cyclery showing us what you can get for your biking needs.
Fun Exercise For Everyone!Dina is in Sacramento showing us how kids can get the exercise they need during these lockdown days.
Get Organized For 2021Julissa talks to The Neat Method about getting organized for the new year!
The Fruit YardSince 1977, The Fruit Yard has been located in Modesto and they have everything to fill your fruit needs!

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